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How Often Should I Use 20% Glycolic Acid Peel at Home DIY Style?

I am a 23 year old tanned Asian. I have a sun damaged skin and a couple of acne scars from pricking months before and i also have clogged pores that... READ MORE

Why Doesn't Glycolic/Lactic Acid Peel Work on my Skin?

I am 20 years old with very oily , congested, acne scarred and prone skin. In order to lighten red scars and smooth my face I turned to at home peels.... READ MORE

Which Treatment Will Be More Effective on Enlarged Pores Chemical Peel or Dermaroller? (photo)

Im 24 yrs. i have huge open pores on my cheeks. i visited two doctors for consultation. one advised me to go for 4 glycolic peels and 4 tca peels and... READ MORE

Would You Recommend Glycolic Acid Peels for a 19 Year Old? (photo)

I want to use glycolic acid peels to make my skin better, even out my skin tone more, and I thought that it do no harm. However, my mom thinks the... READ MORE

Will a glycolic chemical peel smooth my under eyes? (photo)

I was an obsessive tanner for 7 years. I'm only 23 years old and have some premature signs of aging. I have a consult scheduled but would like some... READ MORE

What value glycolic acid peel should I use for my bikini area?

Hi! I am a 19 year old female with light skin and dark hair, and for years I have suffered from ingrown hairs, lately this has gotten better, and I... READ MORE

Will a light glycolic acid peel help reduce pore size and get rid of dark scar on face?

Hello, I am 20 years old and have extremely large pores and a dark scar around my mouth that looks like a beard(The scar is extremley dark). I am... READ MORE

Would you recommend a glycolic peel or derma rolling on my type of akin? (photos)

So I have been struggling with huge pores and redness around my nose down to my mouth area (and apples of cheeks)for years now. I have normal to dry... READ MORE

Will skin shedding replace collagen to fix my rolling and boxcar acne scars? I'm 18 using glycolic acid and AHA.

Ive had acne scars for a year now and ive been trying to get clear flat skin again, i had an allergic reaction to accutane that caused cysts, what are... READ MORE

Is it safe to use glycolic acid 30% if I am a first time chemical peel user?

Hi I am an 18 year old African American female looking to diminish acne scarring as well as hyper pigmentation. Is it safe to use glycolic acid 30% if... READ MORE

How long do you peel for after a 30% glycolic micro peel? (Photo)

Yesterday I had a microdermabrasion followed by a 30% glycolic micro peel, I had no acne just mild blemish marks. My skin is usually very sensitive. I... READ MORE

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