Acne Scars + Glycolic Peel

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Glycolic Peel Percentage for Acne Scars, Fine Lines, and Pigmentation?

I am 26 years old from India. I have acne scars, fine lines, and pigmentation on my face. What percentage of Glycolic Peel would be effective for me? READ MORE

Why Doesn't Glycolic/Lactic Acid Peel Work on my Skin?

I am 20 years old with very oily , congested, acne scarred and prone skin. In order to lighten red scars and smooth my face I turned to at home peels.... READ MORE

Pores/Acne Scars Seems to Be Getting Worse with Retinol Use, Does it Get Worse Before it Gets Better?

I received 2 35% glycolic peels in September and noticed 2 months ago my pore size and acne scars got worse! The aesthetician wanted to do a series... READ MORE

I'm a black woman, 33, with really bad acne scars. I'm trying to decide between TCA 15% or Glycolic 30%. Please help. (photo)

I have really bad acne scarring and hyper pigmentation. I've never done a peel before but I have a mid-high tolerance for pain. I've had laser for... READ MORE

Glycolic Peel 10 Days After Fraxel Lux 1540 for Acne Scars?

I am from India and had Fraxel Lux 1540 for mild acne scars done yest. at 45 level. I had it without numbing cream and discomfort was mild. Have mild... READ MORE

How can I lighten my acne scars and dark skin?

I have dark area between thigh tell me what to use to lighten them I have acne and scars on my back please tell me how can I lighten the scars in like... READ MORE

Is a 40% glycolic peel safe?

I'm going to apply and try a 40% glycolic peel at home, i have enlarged pores, and acne scarring, would like to know if this glycolic peel is safe. READ MORE

Glycolic Acid peel works for acne scars and pigmentation? (Photo)

Hello, I have been struggling with hormonal acne for quite some time, the pimples left red/rosey marks and sometimes scars (boxcar scarring) they're... READ MORE

Glycolic acid 35%.

I done glycolic acid 35% 2 times but I didn't got results... My skin tone is brown lil bit but my acne scars are reduced after this . My body color is... READ MORE

Acne scars on the lower cheeks and jawline along with open pores. Can we combine Aziderm cream 10% along with glycolic?

Can we combine Aziderm cream 10% along with glycolic A 12% and apply on face? I have acne and acne scars on the jaw line and lower cheeks due to PCOS.... READ MORE

Glycolic 20% peel to remove acne scars? I'm 58 years old with wrinkles. I am African American and very oily T-zone. (photo)

I've tried a multitude of home remedies and acne treatments over the counter. I am considering a 20% glycolic chemical peel. What are the types of... READ MORE

Will skin shedding replace collagen to fix my rolling and boxcar acne scars? I'm 18 using glycolic acid and AHA.

Ive had acne scars for a year now and ive been trying to get clear flat skin again, i had an allergic reaction to accutane that caused cysts, what are... READ MORE

Will Glycolic Peel Help Pigmentation and Acne Scars?

I have pigmentation and acne scars on my face. Will the glycolic peel help eliminate them? And how many treatments will I neeed to see results. READ MORE

What treatment do you recommend for indented, atrophic acne scar caused by aggravation of cyst from glycolic peel? (photo)

I had a scab that fell off prematurely after I had a 40% glycolic peel of the face done, leaving me with a horrific hole in my forehead. I have scars... READ MORE

Small bleeding spot and Irritation after 40% glycolic peel. Is this normal? (photos)

I got my third 40% glycolic peel on Saturday to help with some acne scars. I was surprised to see that there was one small spot with blood on my cheek... READ MORE

I have acne scar on my nose, medium pores. Any suggestions? (photos)

What peel acid and percentage should i use to get over it? I am asian indian male 27 age. READ MORE

What should be the duration between 2 neostrata Glycolic acid 50% peels?

# Age35, Skin type: Oily skin, tan very easily, with Mild acne & old acne Scars. # Reason for peel: Few Acne keep appears once in every 1-2 months and... READ MORE

Breaking out more EVEN before glycolic peel - what should I do? (photos)

For 6 months, acne started appearing on my face again (I am 30) within chin area, etc. My dermatologist recommended glycolic peels, and a routine with... READ MORE

Can we use lab grade glycolic acid for dermatological use?

Hi Iam from India. Iam suffering from acne,i started using Glyco-A 12%, i have some ridges and scars on my cheek due to this severe acne. as i have... READ MORE

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