Acne + Glycolic Peel

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Glycolic Home Acid Peel for Fine Lines and Acne?

I just bought a Glycolic Home Acid Peel 35% (Gel Form). I'm 27 (nearly 28) and I've noticed I have a some wrinkles around my eyes. I put this down to... READ MORE

Can I use my glycolic acid cleanser with epiduo?

I have mild acne and my skin isnt really oily but my big problem is that i have a lot of dead skin on my face. to treat that i use a glycolic acid... READ MORE

Glycolic acid 50% peel disaster. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had in home glycolic acid 50 % peel to reduce black pigmentation from acne. Here is my face on the 22nd and 3rd day. Is it normal ? I got no pain... READ MORE

Any suggestions on a good face wash, moisturizer after peeling?

Hi sir I have many dark spots left by acne on cheeks so I tried everything but it didn't fade.I got to know about chemical peel at home so I m... READ MORE

Get more acne from glycolic acid peel? Should I stop and use salicylic acid or can I use both? (Photo)

Can i use the glycolic acid peel and salicylic acid peel every other week? Or i have to stay in one chemical peel? READ MORE

Any suggestions for a Glycolic Peel for Home use?

Hello, I'm an Indian, 25 years old, residing in Philadelphia. I've had acne issues since I was a teenage and I've tried Isotretinoin pills, various... READ MORE

Glycolic Peel for Moderate to Severe Acne

What if you have active moderate to severe acne? can you still get a glycolic peel?   Editor's Note: A similar question, "Glycolic acid vs.... READ MORE

Can I Use an 8% Glycolic Peel at Home While on Ziana for Acne?

I'm currently on ZIANA (originally to treat light acne but stayed on because derm recommended me continue using it for PIH) and I still have... READ MORE

Glycolic Acid Peel Over Acne Makes it Bleed, Then Dry Up and Flake Off. Is This Okay?

I started doing 30% glycolic acid peel on my face, but I still have some acne, so if I do the peel over my active acne it bleeds. but the next day it... READ MORE

How to Treat Skin Discoloration After Using Glycolic Peel?

I used glyco peel 30% for 15 min. It was my 7th application already. After the peel, i was tempted to removed the visible dead skin to the area of... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Go on Holiday in the Sun After a Having a Couple Glycolic Peels?

I have some small dark marks from acne and have just had a course of 3 microdermabrasion and am about to start a course of 3 glycolic peels. I am... READ MORE

Reddish/Brown Spots After Glycolic Peel?

I did a 40% glycolic acid peel, last night. I still have some active acne, so peel also went over it as well After a couple of hours after the peel, I... READ MORE

How can I heal a redness from a glycolic acid peel gone wrong and acne from subsequent treatment on my nose? (photo)

The acne treatments seem to make the redness get worse, and the moisturizers seem to make the acne worse. What is the best way to fix this, treating... READ MORE

I've Combined AHA's and Dermaplaning?

I started using 10% Glycolic Acid in order to get rid of an acne issue, when I finished that tube I switched to a 15% glycolic acid, I applied the... READ MORE

Chemical Peel and Acne?

I am currently under the supervision of my doctor for my inflamed acne. I had great skin over the summer, went to college, and had cystic acne on my... READ MORE

Can we use lab grade glycolic acid for dermatological use?

Hi Iam from India. Iam suffering from acne,i started using Glyco-A 12%, i have some ridges and scars on my cheek due to this severe acne. as i have... READ MORE

In how many days I will get the result for acne treatment?

Hi sir , my name is shripad i have redness on my face & many small pores, pimples before 2 days i have started 6 % glycolic acid cream, kojiglo acid... READ MORE

Why do I have itchy skin with small red acne after having a glycolic peel nine months ago?

I had a jesners peel for acne about a year ago aftr that i had many glycolic peels. last glycolic peel was nine months ago n from than i am... READ MORE

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