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What will I go through exactly to become a male? And on average how much will that cost? (Photo)

If it makes a difference, I'm 16 years old. I want to be a male; I'm female. READ MORE

Transgender male to female who wants to achieve an hourglass body?

What will be the easiest way to achieve an hour glass body for transgender woman like me? And regarding with Liposuction which one is better the... READ MORE

Are there any surgeons that will perform an inguinal orchiectomy on a transgender patient?

I am searching for surgeons that will perform an inguinal orchiectomy on a transgender patient. I have been on hormone therapy for 2 years and I would... READ MORE

I have been juggling the idea of me changing sex but I don't want to be either male nor female.

Are there any clinical trials or ongoing research for cell and tissue construction or donation, so as to have both an erect penis and a sensitive... READ MORE

is there a way to reverse puberty?

I am a transgender male to female, and I have hit puberty though late. I am 23 years old and do not wish to have the deep voice and hair all over and... READ MORE

How I change to gender female to male?

I am 36 years old n unmarried. I want to change my gender. Please guidance me. READ MORE

Would it be possible for an MTF transgender to get a penis reduction?

I'm a male to female Transgender and I feel awfully unconfident about my crotch area. I feel sex reassignment surgery is just too drastic and would... READ MORE

Male to Female Transition. Can anyone guide me regarding to the Hormonal medicines which I can start with?

I am 32 Year old Male. From childhood, always I use to feel and behave like girl. I am not able live with the male body. I am planning to start the... READ MORE

Can plastic surgery be so well done that it can change a person's identity completely? (Photo)

I am a transgender male to female, The hormones alone will change and shape my features, but what if I don't get a desired look from them. Can plastic... READ MORE

I'm transgender. I'm about to start HRT but I would also like to make my figure more feminine. (Photo)

My shoulders are 46" around. Waist is 34 (can lose weight here) and hips are 35". I'm going to set an ideal (probably unrealistic) target I'd like to... READ MORE

Young Patient MtF HRT 5th Month - Unable to benefit of estradiol because of an allergy - Solutions?

So I am taking anti-androgens, I really liked the results of blocking my masculinizating processes. In the beginning I become constipated so the... READ MORE

I'm female, I want to change to a male. Can you help me?

My name is sara i want to take testosterone which is good and i'm female i want to change as a male so can you suggest how the steps for this process... READ MORE

I'm pretty sure I'm transgender; how should I proceed?

I'm now 16. Since puberty started I've felt it would be cool to have a girls body. At first I dismissed this as natural curiosity, but in the last few... READ MORE

What are some medical reasons to get a sex change? (Photo)

In order for state insurence to pay for SRS it has to be for medical reasons. What are some medical reasons to get sex change READ MORE

Looking to make a subtle male to female transition. How to get a more feminine figure?

I'm 6'2" ish 25, looking to undergo a subtle m2f transition, how do I achieve a more feminine figure posture? What routine/diet is required to keep... READ MORE

How much is gender reassignment surgery, and what kind of doctor do I need to contact? (Photo)

Dear Dr.i ask u one question . I am San San Wai.I need change girl to boy.I know How much cost and i will do how and contact about this . please u... READ MORE

Can the scrotum shrink after a orchiectomy? Which doctors can perform these surgeries?

I am looking into orchiectomy as not only a form of pain relief due to my vasectomy, but also to conform more to my gender identity. I had the... READ MORE

Gender and Cosmetic Surgery. What should I know?

I want to get gender reassignment, a skin lightening and permanent eye color operation done sometime within the next 2-4 years. I just want to talk to... READ MORE

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