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Complications From Three Surgeries in Two Days in Mexico?

A friend went to Mexico and had a gastric sleeve. 1st surgery stopped due to low blood pressure Day 2, 2nd surgery they finished the procedure. She... READ MORE

How likely is it to have a stricture 15 years post-op? Open RNY

For the past several weeks I have a squeezing sensation at my breastbone, heartburn, nausea and vomiting several days a week after dinner. My portion... READ MORE

Should I switch from lap band to gastric bypass?

I had the lap band 3 years ago. I am having awful heartburn now. I vomit about once a day also.I was also vomiting when I saw my physician and had the... READ MORE

What all is needed to convince doctor to reverse a gastric bypass? (photo)

February will be 4 years out for me. This last year has been nothing but problems. In and out of ER. Now nausea and vomiting. There is a constant... READ MORE

I had my surgery RNY about 6 years ago. I am now having problems. I am unsure where to go and what kind of doctor to see

I am having problems with painful joints and extreme lower back pain along with nausea and vomiting and watery bowels. READ MORE

Why does my bypass stomach/pouch (Roux-en-Y - 2004) get completely full after only 3 bites of solid food or liquid?

On June 11 2016, I suddenly stopped being able to eat more than 3 bites of any solid food or liquid. My bypass in 2004 lost over 165 lbs, but I... READ MORE

Still vomiting every day several times after Roux en Y Gastric Pass. What can stop it?

I have already lost a lot of weight since the gastric by pass two months ago. but I still cannot eat solid food. I can sometimes keep a liquid soup... READ MORE

Help - Post Gastric Sleeve? Losing Hair, Vomiting, and Stretch Marks?

I underwent my surgeyr on the 1 Aug 2013 ,lost 18kgs since then. I am regular with my supplmnt ,protein shake diet . Only issue im facing is loss of... READ MORE

How long post op can strictures occur from Roux-en-Y surgery?

I has the above surgery end of March '13. I had a good recovery and have lost 90 lbs now being 170 lbs on a 5'6" medium frame. We ate dinner 2 hrs... READ MORE

Can I be helped with my condition after gastric bypass? Unable to get down solid foods and constantly vomiting.

I had gastric bypass in August 2013. I am unable to get solid foods and constantly vomit. No problem with liquids. While I am 63 years old in August,... READ MORE

Gastric bypass two weeks ago and can't hold down any liquids: Will this last long?

I had gastric bypass two weeks ago. I can't hold down any liquids and my doctor says its because my intestine is inflamed and won't let liquids down.... READ MORE

New pain after gastric bypass surgery. I vomit in the morning and by the next day the incision pain was like day 4.

Day 10 after gastric bypass - I wAs feeling great, I mean great! Eating soft food ( no problems there), no problems with bowel movement, pain was gone... READ MORE

I had a gastric balloon procedure 4 days ago. Until today I get so much cramps and vomit?

Cramps are so annoying and severe. They don't seem to get better. Also when i have water now, i retain it in my tummy even for the next 6-8 hrs then i... READ MORE

175cm and 119 kg. Mid 50's. A surgeon advised a gastric bypass probably better than sleeve, as would alleviate reflux?

I suffer from acid reflux/vomiting problems once a week. I take medication for this & high BP & cholesterol. GP referred me to Bariatric... READ MORE

Throwing up after a meal. What is going on with me?

It has been 4 yrs since by gastric bypass surgery, not the Lap Band but I had the whole enchilada done, the Y, and I still throw up after every meal.... READ MORE

I'm having pouch pain since 9:30a this morning. What can I do to fix the pain?

I had to fast last night for blood work this morning. After doing so I came home and ate some chia pudding with cherries. I ate it pretty fast. My... READ MORE

Blood in my vomit - 3 weeks post gastric bypass.

I had a gastric bypass 3 weeks ago and have ate some food but I vomited it bk up and it had fresh blood in it is this normal READ MORE

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