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Stricture Symptoms - How Do I Know if I Have a Stricture?

I'm having trouble keeping food down 7 weeks post-op. Is that a symptom of stricture or normal recovery? READ MORE

Can I Have Junk Food in Moderation After Bariatric Surgery?

I know there is a diet to follow, but is there any room for an occasional slice of pizza, chips, etc.? READ MORE

What is Dumping Syndrome?

What is it? Is it common? How can I avoid it? READ MORE

Can I Rely on a Stomach Stapling Procedure Carried out Fifteen Years Ago?

I had stomach stapeling procedure carried out 15 years ago. I never lost much weight afterwards but now I want to try again.  Is it possible to... READ MORE

Laproscopic Stoma Revision Possible After Gastric Bypass?

I had the laparoscopic RNY Gastric Bypass in March 2002. I have recently had weight regain due to an enlarged stoma. My stomach (pouch) is still of... READ MORE

Gastric Bypass W/ Wound Healing Issues?

If someone is planning on having a gastric bypass within the next 6 month but doesn't  heal very well. Is there anything I can do, or is this... READ MORE

How can I determine if my stomach has stretched many years after having gastric bypass surgery?

I am 50 years old and I had successful gastric bypass surgery 13 years ago with no complications. I lost all of my extra weight at a steady pace. I... READ MORE

Stomach Stapling Performed 15 Years Ago. Can I Get a Gastric Bypass?

After Stomach Stapling in 1995, Now I Want Gastric Bypass. Is This Possible? READ MORE

Types of Gastric Bypass Surgery

RNY, laproscopic, sleeve gastrectomy, biliopancreatic diversion... what are all of these things? It's so confusing. How will I know which one to... READ MORE

What are the odds the stomach will work if a gastric bypass of 10 years is done? What happens if it doesn't work?

I went from banding to bypass in 2005. I've had over 25 ulcers and a stomach perforation this October. Then have been with the PEG system. Now the... READ MORE

I have a gastric bypass. Been in and out of hospital with ulcers and stomach perforation. Surgeon wants to reverse? What risks?

I've been on PEG 24/7 for 4 months with a stomach stricture. I've already had an infection and on sulfa antibiotics. How long can I delay reversal?... READ MORE

Diagnosed with hiatal hernia of pouch. Had gastric bypass in 2011. My pouch and stoma has dilated. Can this be due to hernia?

Oct 2010 I went back to surgeon to work on weight regain of 40 lbs of the 140 I lost. he did xray of me swallowing this stuff and my pouch and stoma... READ MORE

How can I get rid of sagging skin left from gastric bypass surgery? Will insurance cover surgery if needed?

I weighed 313 before surgery. I am 5'4" and weigh 130 lbs. I am 50 years old. I am so disgusted by the excess skin that I rarely leave my home. My... READ MORE

Trying to find out what surgery would best suit me to help lose weight in my stomach (Photo)

I am 27 and my second child I had via c section 7 months ago. I am currently 185 lbs post pregnancy. I weighed 150 before I got pregnant. I would like... READ MORE

What causes the bad stomach aches?

I had gastric bypass in 2006 and now I have gained most of the weight back. I am having problems with my stomach and I am very weak. What could be... READ MORE

Can you help me figure out why I've had ongoing orthostatic hypotension since 5 days post GB removal and stomach pain?

Lap GB removed 5 weeks ago, 5 days later: severe pain under mid ribcage thru to back ER. CT scan: no probs from surgery. ER triage BP: 151/91, HR: 83,... READ MORE

Gaining weight after Gastric Bypass?

I had gastric bypass 4/2012 I was 355 lbs went down to 145 kept it off for a while. recently started gaining weight i've had abdominal pains spasms... READ MORE

Can my kidney make me gain weight? Is it possible to make my stomach smaller?

I had gastric bypass in 2011/2012, from the start I had a lot of complications, from infection to not being able to drink or eat and unbearable pain... READ MORE

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