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Can I smoke marijuana after gastric bypass surgery?

Hi my name is Hamad I am 21 years old, I had the gastric bypass surgery before 2 weeks outside the US but I am going back this week and I live in... READ MORE

Gastric Bypass and Tummy Tuck at the Same Time?

I've had a Gastric bypass (8 years out) and now I need to have a hernia repair re-done. I want to have a Tummy Tuck at the same time. Is this possible... READ MORE

Safe to Have Gastric Bypass Surgery with Tummy Tuck Before Weight Loss?

I heard of a surgeon who performs a tummy tuck with the bypass because a lot of patients like me have excess skin already hanging(lateral... READ MORE

Falling pregnant seven months after gastric band surgery - is this safe?

In April 2013, I had gastric band surgery, and have so far dropped from 18st, 11lbs to 14st, 6lbs. I found out two weeks ago that I am pregnant, after... READ MORE

What is the difference between a gastric bypass and a mini bypass? Are there any long-term adverse effects to either surgery?

Which procedure is preferred and why? Is one more dangerous than the other? Does the full bypass give patients better weight-loss results? READ MORE

Is gastric bypass surgery necessary for my Hernia Repair?

I'm a 215 lb diabetic with a ventral hernia. I'm one week pre-op to have it repaired and the doctors want to perform a Gastric Bypass Surgery with the... READ MORE

Can I have weight reduction surgery with diabetes?

I have diabetes and want to have surgery to lose weight is it safe? READ MORE

Gastric Bypass Surgery Safe With A BMI of 35-36?

I'm 5'2 with a BMI between 35-36. Is it safe for me to have Gastirc Bypass sugery? I'm paying for the surgery myself and want to know if... READ MORE

Sleeve Gastrectomy Vs Gastric Plication Vs Mini Gastric Bypass ? Which Better As Second Surgery After Stomach Stapling?

Hi i had stomch stapling ( open stomch surgurey ) in 2004 and lost 60 kilo & thigh liposuction in 2010 now i regain weight am 175 cm and 110kg so... READ MORE

Smoking and Bariatric Surgery - Are e-cigarettes or nicotine replacement therapies safe(er) for bariatric patients?

Hi! I would like to pursue a Roux-n-Y and have smoked for 30 years. I am confident that I can quit with an impending surgery date as a motivator, but... READ MORE

Please refer my question to a Bariatric Surgeon: are NSAIDS safe to take 10 yrs post gastric?

My PCP has me on Celebrex 200mg for several years due to arthritis pain. I recently started on Colcrys 0.6mg for gouty arthritis flare and... READ MORE

How else can I lose weight? Should I consider Gastric? Is it safe?

I have been doing Insanity for 2 weeks. I have been jogging. Eating 1,500 cals a day. I just dont understand. I weighed myself and still am 196lbs at... READ MORE

Conversion from Sleeve Gastrectomy: Gastric Bypass or Duodenal Switch? (Photos)

In 2013, at approx 600lbs I had a Gastric Sleeve. I've lost over 200lbs since, however, I feel the sleeve has reached the end of it's capabilities. I... READ MORE

Gastric Bypass Vs Duodenal Switch - What's the difference and which is safer?

The Duodenal Switch procedure doesn't seem to be performed by all bariatric surgeons. Can you explain what the difference is between the DS and the... READ MORE

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