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Smoking and Gastric Bypass Surgery

My doctor said point blank that he doesn't operate on smokers but he doesn't care if you start smoking again after surgery. Why? What are the... READ MORE

What is StomaphyX?

What is StomaphyX and how does it work on bariatric patients? READ MORE

What are the risks of stretching your stomach after gastric plication? (WRAP)

IF you stretch your stomach after gastric plication (WRAP) is it only the stoma tissue that will stretch or will the stitches burst and come undone?... READ MORE

Gastric Bypass Complications

Considering gastric bypass but heard it's dangerous and there are a lot of risks. What sort of complications can happen with gastric bypass surgery? READ MORE

What Are the Risks of Having a Gastric Bypass?

I know every surgery has risks, but are there any specific to this type of surgery? Is there anything I can do to cut down the risks? READ MORE

Could I Do the Pre-bypass Diet More Than Once. It is Dangerous to Keep Shrinking the Liver?

I am waiting for a gastric by-pass and would like to try and lose some weight before my surgery. Could I follow the liver shrinking diet more than... READ MORE

Can a 2nd Vertical Sleeve Be Performed? Is It Medically Safe?

I had a Vertical sleeve 4 yrs ago. I am interested in having a revision. Is this possible? READ MORE

I have a gastric bypass. Been in and out of hospital with ulcers and stomach perforation. Surgeon wants to reverse? What risks?

I've been on PEG 24/7 for 4 months with a stomach stricture. I've already had an infection and on sulfa antibiotics. How long can I delay reversal?... READ MORE

Risk of conversion from sleeve to gastric bypass?

Hello!:) I'm having surgery sometime next year from gastric sleeve to gastric bypass. I'm allergic to vegetables fruits and any kind of mixed nuts I... READ MORE

What is the difference between a gastric bypass and a mini bypass? Are there any long-term adverse effects to either surgery?

Which procedure is preferred and why? Is one more dangerous than the other? Does the full bypass give patients better weight-loss results? READ MORE

Gastric Bypass Surgery Safe With A BMI of 35-36?

I'm 5'2 with a BMI between 35-36. Is it safe for me to have Gastirc Bypass sugery? I'm paying for the surgery myself and want to know if... READ MORE

Isotretinoin & Sleeve Gastrectomy (vsg). Is it safe to take before and after surgery?

First excusme my English Ok I have been on isotretinoin (40mg) for the last 5 months with not too much change on my face acne. And I'm having my... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Have Gastric Bypass if the Stomach Stappling I Had Done 19 Years Ago Has Failed? (photo)

I had stomach stapling done 19 years ago. I went from 250 pounds down to 130 pounds in about 7 months. Well through no ones fault but my own I have... READ MORE

Is There An Increase In Stomach Cancers For People Who Receive Gastric Bypass?

I had roux en Y gastric bypass about 4 years ago, I have two questions. 1. I take metformin ,lisinapril and hydrochlorthaiziade every day should these... READ MORE

Does keloid scarring pose a risk for getting gastric bypass?

I have keloid scars, does this pose a problem for gastric bypass? Internal keloids from an appendectomy damaged my Fallopian tubes. I am worried that... READ MORE

Will an angiomyolipoma be an issue during weight loss surgery?

I recently learned that I have a 3.7 cm angiomyolipoma in my left kidney. My urologist is just watching it for now. I am very interested in weight... READ MORE

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