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Gastric Bypass Revision Cost

I had bypass surgery 5 years ago they did it by lap. unfortunately they did not make the sac small enough and I did not loose the weight I wanted. I... READ MORE

Does Insurance Cover Gastric Bypass Revisions?

Does BCBS cover gastric bypass revisions? READ MORE

Gastric Bypass Revision

I had the gastric bypass in 2002 and went from 330 to 160. I got pregnant and had 2 girls back to back. I regained some of my weight and stay around... READ MORE

Can I Have a Gastric Bypass Revision at the Same Time As the Ventral Hernia Repair?

I need to have ventral hernia repair and I am also contemplating revision surgery to reduce the size of my pouch back to where it was when I first had... READ MORE

Will Cigna Pay for Gastric Bypass Surgery Again?

I had surgery about five years ago due to some family problems and being stressed out I have gained most of the weight back I lost. I would like to... READ MORE

Hiatal hernia repair or revision to a gastric bypass along with hernia repair?

Experiencing intermittent pain & discomfort while eating 4 yrs post gastric sleeve surgery. Had upper GI. Bariatric surgeon says my stomach is going... READ MORE

Laproscopic Stoma Revision Possible After Gastric Bypass?

I had the laparoscopic RNY Gastric Bypass in March 2002. I have recently had weight regain due to an enlarged stoma. My stomach (pouch) is still of... READ MORE

What is StomaphyX?

What is StomaphyX and how does it work on bariatric patients? READ MORE

Is It Possible to Have a Gastric Bypass Done Again After 9 Years?

I had surgery in 2001 and lost over 160 lbs. I kept it off for 5 years but got pregnant in 2006 and have slowly gained almost 100 lbs back over the... READ MORE

Could Abdominal Surgery Have Affected Gastric Bypass RNY? Will Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Michigan Cover Revisions

Had Gastric Bypass 1993 & maintained weight loss. 2007, I underwent several abdominal procedures. Initial exploratory, Dr found adhesions &... READ MORE

Roux En Y in 2000. Having Trouble Losing Weight After Pregnancy. Can I Have a Revision?

I had my surgery (roux en y) in 2000. I have had 2 children since and have had a really hard time losing weight. Am I able to have my pouch... READ MORE

I had bypass surgery about 14 years ago, lost some 80lbs. should I do revision, I am 62 years old.

I am really having hard time keeping the weight off now after almost 10 years of maintaining, the problem is I am now 62 and afraid of surgery at this... READ MORE

What are the odds the stomach will work if a gastric bypass of 10 years is done? What happens if it doesn't work?

I went from banding to bypass in 2005. I've had over 25 ulcers and a stomach perforation this October. Then have been with the PEG system. Now the... READ MORE

Can a Gastric Bypass Be Changed to a Lap Band?

If, after having a gastric bypass, I decide that it's too restrictive and I want the option of the Lap Band, can this be changed? READ MORE

What Are the Chances That I'll Need a Gastric Bypass Revision?

I'm young (27) and have a lot of weight to lose. I know this procedure is for life and I'm wondering what the chances are that I'll need... READ MORE

Why is weight loss revision slower in weight loss?

Yes I am aware that gastric bypass is a tool. I was a very successful in my weight loss until I developed a fistula when I was pregnant. But why is... READ MORE

How likely is scar tissue going to affect me when I have revision?

I had the Lapland surgery about 5 years ago at some point it slipped and I had it fixed surgically, about 6 months ago I had it removed and am on the... READ MORE

Cost of a Revision of Roux-En-Y Gastric Bypass Surgery (RNY), my Insurance Will Not Pay

Cost of a Revision of Roux-En-Y Gastric Bypass Surgery (RNY), my insurance will not pay. READ MORE

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