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Is RNY Gastric bypass surgery reversible under severe weight loss?

I had RNY bypass surgery and lost 150 lbs 10 yrs ago. Within the last year I have lost over 30 lbs and have severe pain when eating. A scope done in... READ MORE

When detoxing/cleansing is there precautions us gastric bypass patients have to take?

I'd like to detox and cleanse after a few drinks and in hopes I just feel better in general. Also, I've also been experiencing very painful bloating.... READ MORE

I had a gastric bypass three months ago but still suffer from extreme pain when drinking and eating.

I have terrible pain on eating and extreme agonising bloating in the eveving. Is this normal? READ MORE

14-yr post-op Gastric Bypass, having serious health issues related to my digestive tract. Where do I go from here?

Had gastric bypass w/gall bladder removal in 2003 and plastic surgeries in 2013. Having serious issues related to my digestive tract for past 2-3... READ MORE

I had a gastric bypass 13 years ago. I've been experiencing pain for the past couple of weeks and can not figure out why?

I am a sous chef and have been practicing with various whole grains for some new salads at work. I have eaten bulgur prepared a few different ways. Is... READ MORE

I had subpartial gastrectomy in Aug 2015 due to a bleeding ulcer. Ever since, I've been losing weight.

How do I stop my weight loss? I have pain when I eat and so eating is a challenge. I went from 260 to now 129 without any type of dieting. I'm always... READ MORE

What to Expect from Gastric Bypass?

I am a 36 year old mother of 6. I love all my children and am proud that I gave birth to all of them but I hate what it has done to my body. I was... READ MORE

No Stricture After RNY but I Have All the Same Symptoms Any Ideas?

I had rny 8-22-11 i had one stricture fixed by 9-18. Three days later I had the same symptoms as before but today when they went in the dr said their... READ MORE

Post gastric bypass done in 2005. Have not been feeling well lately? I feel like someone is trying to rip out of my intestines

Been trying to see Dr's and no one can seem to help me. I have now gained 14 lbs in a week and a half and in so much pain. I'm so frustrated at this... READ MORE

Is It Common to Still Have Diarrhea 5 Days After the Gastric Bypass

I was ok at first now I have diarrhea and a small pain in my sideI has my op on 05/10/11 READ MORE

Please refer my question to a Bariatric Surgeon: are NSAIDS safe to take 10 yrs post gastric?

My PCP has me on Celebrex 200mg for several years due to arthritis pain. I recently started on Colcrys 0.6mg for gouty arthritis flare and... READ MORE

35 Years Post Op, Now Having Complications from Gastric Bypass, Precedence Please?

My dad had his stomach stapled, he survived six months of life threatening complications. last week he came down with extreme stomach pain and was... READ MORE

I had gastric bypass 18 months ago. I have pain and nausea when eating. Why is wine the only thing that settles my stomach?

I had gastric bypass surgery 18 mos ago, with 155 lb wt loss. I no longer suffer from diabetes, HTN, chronic back pain, and my sarcoidosis is in... READ MORE

Bariactic Bypass 1997, Last 2 Yrs. Large Hernia, Gained over a Hundred Pounds, Gallstones. What to Do?

I had Gastric Bypass in 97, my start weight was 467lbs, lost 237 lbs and sustained until 2 yrs. ago. Had knee injury which compromised my activity,... READ MORE

3 years post op of Gastric bypass, I have gained 30 pounds back. Can by taking flaxseed cause problems in my bowels?

Can I get to much fiber .and then today I took flaxseed will it hurt me as I am having a lot of pain in my bowels . I have started having problems in... READ MORE

Gastric bypass 15 yrs ago I am now experiencing painful issues in my vagina area w/ wearing pants, I am getting cuts and sores.

It seems the weight of the hanging skin is getting worse and I am now putting neosporin down there and stuffing my underwear w/ sweat socks but it is... READ MORE

How long will the pain last?

At my highest weight 320 i got down to 267 before surgery in a six month period please Help me get through this stage feeling really regretful wis h i... READ MORE

I'm 28 and 280lbs. What is it that does not qualify me for gastric bypass surgery and insured by kaiser? (photos)

Gone to my Dr & complained about several struggles; lower back pain, knee and leg pain, & running out of breath. Diabetes in my family& high blood... READ MORE

After Gastric Bypass I Lost Insurance in 2008 Surgery Was in 2007 Havent Been Sick Til Last Year and a Half?

I have chest pains, confusion, wild crazy thoughts, pins and needles in my fingers and toes. I am really scared last time I was at dr he said i may... READ MORE

New pain after gastric bypass surgery. I vomit in the morning and by the next day the incision pain was like day 4.

Day 10 after gastric bypass - I wAs feeling great, I mean great! Eating soft food ( no problems there), no problems with bowel movement, pain was gone... READ MORE

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