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Can a Lap Band Be Changed to a Gastric Bypass?

Is it possible to go from a Lap Band to a gastric bypass? READ MORE

Stapling Gastric Pouch Through the Esophagus

I heard there is a simple procedure that does some stapling on a stretched gastric pouch by way of the esophagus. Is this possible? READ MORE

Hiatal hernia repair or revision to a gastric bypass along with hernia repair?

Experiencing intermittent pain & discomfort while eating 4 yrs post gastric sleeve surgery. Had upper GI. Bariatric surgeon says my stomach is going... READ MORE

How Much Weight Can I Feasibly Lose Without a Gastric Bypass?

I'm quite heavy (500 pounds) and have been thinking of having a gastric bypass, but it seems so drastic and final to me. Can I feasibly lose... READ MORE

Is a Gastric Sleeve a Good Option for Somebody Who is Overweight and Had a C-section?

Is gastric sleeve a good alternative to gastric bypass? Would it be less intrusive of an option? READ MORE

3 yrs post op gastric bypass and I can't stop losing weight. Will I ever stop losing weight?

My highest weight ever at full term pregnancy was 287 my average was 250 and I'm 130 lbs now. for the past year I've had a diet which I thought Ok.I... READ MORE

Doctor Recommendation for Gastric Bypass Revision: Hernia in Esophagus and Leaking Mesh

9 years ago I had a Rouen-Y gastric by pass, I lost 250lbs. I gained back 50, I wanted to loose the extra weight and add a lap band. I underwent... READ MORE

I had gastric bypass surgery 10+ years ago, recently the bulge showed up on my navel. I have appt 2 weeks from now (Photo)

I had gastric bypass surgery 10+ years ago recently the bulge showed up on my navel. I have appt 2 weeks from now is there danger in not getting it... READ MORE

Am I eligible for Lapband to Gastric Bypass revision?

I am 24 years old and I had my lapband surgery in Aug 2012. Im 5'1 and started out at 235 lbs. After surgery I got down to 162 in a yr. Since then Im... READ MORE

What suggestions do you have for past patients that have gain some of the weight back that they lost from Gastric Bypass?

I had Gastric Bypass in 2005. I gained 20lbs 8yrs out. Then 2 1/2yrs ago I had a Partial Hysterectomy, A Yr out from it I gain 70lbs, so now I'm 90lbs... READ MORE

Which is best for my body type? Gastric or Sleeve? (Photo)

I don't want to become to thin, and look sick. I will workout and maintain a healthy lifestyle. I just haven't decided on which procedure will be best... READ MORE

What are the side effects of having a MiniMizer extra gastric band with a gastric bypass?

I will have a gastric bypass in the coming month, my doctor has recommended that I get a MiniMizer extra band. I want to know what are the side... READ MORE

Should I have a bypass if Lap-Band failed?

I had Lap-Band surgery 10 years ago and lost 125lbs. The band had to be loosened due to extreme reflux and esophageal problems. My surgeon refuses to... READ MORE

Desperate for Plastic Surgery But Can't Afford it; What Can I Do?

I had gastric bypass surgery in July 04 and am down 130 pounds and have maintained the weightloss for 3 years now. That should be a great... READ MORE

No Stricture After RNY but I Have All the Same Symptoms Any Ideas?

I had rny 8-22-11 i had one stricture fixed by 9-18. Three days later I had the same symptoms as before but today when they went in the dr said their... READ MORE

Maintain my Results After Having the Gastric Bypass Surgery?

What type of people are the most successful at maintaining weight loss after gastric bypass surgery? Is personality type an important factor in a... READ MORE

I Had Gastric Bypass 22 Yrs Ago, Never Had a Follow Up, Gaining Weight, What Are My Options?

Had gastric bypass 22 yrs ago, no follow up. I did lose the weight and kept it off up until 3yrs ago, now I cannot lose n keep gaining I have gone... READ MORE

I Had the Gastric Bypass Now and Have A Large Hemotoma. What Are my Options?

I had a gastric bypass march sixth 2012 after I came out with a blood clot in my left arm and ive been dealing with that I am on 3.5 milligrams of... READ MORE

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