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Can I Smoke Marijuana After Gastric Bypass?

If Marijuana does not induce hunger for me, can i vaporize (with heat rather than flame) it to help with nausea? Or will it have similar effects as... READ MORE

How likely is it to have a stricture 15 years post-op? Open RNY

For the past several weeks I have a squeezing sensation at my breastbone, heartburn, nausea and vomiting several days a week after dinner. My portion... READ MORE

What all is needed to convince doctor to reverse a gastric bypass? (photo)

February will be 4 years out for me. This last year has been nothing but problems. In and out of ER. Now nausea and vomiting. There is a constant... READ MORE

I had my surgery RNY about 6 years ago. I am now having problems. I am unsure where to go and what kind of doctor to see

I am having problems with painful joints and extreme lower back pain along with nausea and vomiting and watery bowels. READ MORE

I had subpartial gastrectomy in Aug 2015 due to a bleeding ulcer. Ever since, I've been losing weight.

How do I stop my weight loss? I have pain when I eat and so eating is a challenge. I went from 260 to now 129 without any type of dieting. I'm always... READ MORE

What is the Best Way to Deal with Nausea After Bariatric Surgery?

Are there foods that will cause my stomach to be upset? Are there medications and other things (like ginger ale) that should not be taken during... READ MORE

I had gastric bypass 18 months ago. I have pain and nausea when eating. Why is wine the only thing that settles my stomach?

I had gastric bypass surgery 18 mos ago, with 155 lb wt loss. I no longer suffer from diabetes, HTN, chronic back pain, and my sarcoidosis is in... READ MORE

Is Something Wrong, I'm Not Losing Any More Weight (photo)?

I Had gastric bypass surgery in may of 2010 I have lost 125lbs I haven't loss anymore for about 6 months. Lately I have been feeling nausea's every... READ MORE

I am 7 weeks post Bariatric Surgery and find myself nauseated and unable to eat or drink. I am able but then feel sick.

My surgery was done due to a hiatal hernia more than an obesity issue. I am so nauseous that it is difficult for me to even think about eating food. I... READ MORE

Are hyperinsulinemic hypoglycemia and/or postprandial hypoglycemia real or common issues for Gastric bypass RNY patients?

I had GB-RNY in 12/2004. Within the last 1 to 2 years, I've noticed that shortly after a meal with any type of carbohydrates, I immediately feel full... READ MORE

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