Massive Weight Loss + Gastric Bypass

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Can a Morbidly Obese Person Be Too Old to Undergo Bariatric Surgery As a Means to Lose Weight?

Are there any online support groups that have been created to help make a formerly morbidly obese person's transition into a healthier lifestyle... READ MORE

3 yrs post op gastric bypass and I can't stop losing weight. Will I ever stop losing weight?

My highest weight ever at full term pregnancy was 287 my average was 250 and I'm 130 lbs now. for the past year I've had a diet which I thought Ok.I... READ MORE

Surgeon that does gastric bypass on BMI'S of 36

I've lost almost 100lbs, but with no combination of diet, exercise, or medication have I been able to lose any more. Are there surgeons that will... READ MORE

What kind of loose skin will I have after 60kg weight loss with Mini Gastric Bypass (MGB) surgery age 33 height 6 feet.?

I weigh around 167 kilos (weight is evenly divided across my body I mean there is no one very fat body area but overall) and am planning to go for a... READ MORE

I am suffering from increasingly worsening reflux. Will gastric bypass help terrible reflux?

I had gastric sleeve three years ago. I initially lost 100 pounds but I have regained 35 pounds. Would the bypass procedure help with both of these... READ MORE

Had roux en Y four years ago. Lost a little over 10 lbs. Lowest wt. was 160. Now weigh 183. Starting weight was 297

Would I qualify for ROSE procedure? I don't want to gain this weight back. Have put this wt. on in 8 months. I need some help. Thanks. READ MORE

Converting gastric sleeve to bypass - Have a substantial umbilical hernia: Is a combined surgery possible? (Photos)

In 2013, at approx 600lbs I had a Gastric Sleeve. I've lost over 200lbs since, however, I feel the sleeve has reached the end of it's capabilities. I... READ MORE

Would I be a candidate for a weight loss surgery?

I used to weigh 328lbs and through diet and exercise I've dropped down to 185lbs (fluctuating). Recently, I have had a substantial decrease in energy.... READ MORE

Surgery after Gastric bypass

My 24 year old had a gastric bypass. From 440 he weights now 285. Height is 6.2. How long should he wait before tummy tuck, etc? Can you give us an... READ MORE

I had a RNY revision 11/19/14, have no restriction or loss of appetite as with my initial RNY. Is this normal? (photo)

Initial (open) RNY in 2002 @ 400 # (5'9"). Lost 175 lbs, by 2014 had gained 115 #. Stunned post-revision I had no restriction or loss of appetite. I... READ MORE

I had a RNY 3 1/2 yrs ago. Can I take thyroid meds? Will they be absorbed properly?

I had a RNY 3 1/2 years ago. Lost 100 pounds (which was my goal) I have continued to diet and exercise but in a three month span I gained 30lbs.... READ MORE

Diet requirements Post-Gastric R&Y and excercising?

Hi, I had a Gastric Bypass 4 years ago and I've lost 60kg of which I've regained 10kg. I recently started cycling and I'm spending around 8-10 hours... READ MORE

I had gastric sleeve 17 months ago, I've lost 135 lbs. I have a huge amount of hanging and sagging skin. What can I do? (Photo)

A lot of rashes, accesses under my apron and a very large subrapubic area I am on antibiotics twice a week until the skin removal surgery. The... READ MORE

What else can I do? I want to be smaller. (Photo)

I had the gastric bypass 13yrs ago and lost about 100lbs and due to stress I can't lose any more. READ MORE

gastric bypass revision to make my stomach smaller again

In 1997 I was over 300 lbs and I had gastric bypass surgery. I dropped to 160. long hospital stay because of pancreas problems, the biel leak problem... READ MORE

How can I stop regaining weight?

I had gastric bypass surgery in 2009 and lost 104 lbs. I changed my entire lifestyle and my weight had stayed stable at 145-147lbs until the last year... READ MORE

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