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Gastric Bypass with Hernia Repair - Can It Be Done at the Same Time?

If not, how long should one wait if the hernia is painful and swollen? READ MORE

Can I Have a Gastric Bypass Revision at the Same Time As the Ventral Hernia Repair?

I need to have ventral hernia repair and I am also contemplating revision surgery to reduce the size of my pouch back to where it was when I first had... READ MORE

How Common Are Hernias After Gastric Bypass Surgery?

Does having gastric bypass increase the risk of developing a hernia? What precautions should be taken to reduce this risk? READ MORE

Repeated Hernias After RNY Gastric Bypass and Tummy Tuck

I had open RNY in Dec of '02. 18 months later in Aug. of '04 I had my first PS, a adominoplasty with hernia repair. Then repair again in June of... READ MORE

Doctor Recommendation for Gastric Bypass Revision: Hernia in Esophagus and Leaking Mesh

9 years ago I had a Rouen-Y gastric by pass, I lost 250lbs. I gained back 50, I wanted to loose the extra weight and add a lap band. I underwent... READ MORE

Diagnosed with hiatal hernia of pouch. Had gastric bypass in 2011. My pouch and stoma has dilated. Can this be due to hernia?

Oct 2010 I went back to surgeon to work on weight regain of 40 lbs of the 140 I lost. he did xray of me swallowing this stuff and my pouch and stoma... READ MORE

I want to get weight loss surgery. Which is the best option?

In the endoscopy, the doctor discovered a 3 cm hiatal hernia cos of which he said I'm more suited for the gastric bypass than the sleeve. I am terrified! READ MORE

Post Gastric RNY Patient needing hiatal hernia surgery with questions.

Had gastric bypass RNY in 2004. Upper Barium swallow shows moderate hiatal hernia of the gastric pouch. Not sure what to expect for surgery... READ MORE

Results of Hernia CT Scan. Doc on vacation for 2 weeks. Does it look like surgery is likely?

IMPRESSION: Large hiatal hernia containing the gastric pouch and parts of the excluded portion of the stomach. The gastric pouch is compressed with... READ MORE

Follow-up: Moderate Hiatal Hernia post gastric bypass. Will they close the hernia?

Got official barium results. Moderate Hiatal hernia, severe GERD. I'm wondering if they will push the pouch back and close up the hernia. Appt with... READ MORE

Is a hernia on the abdominal wall a reason for a gastric bypass reversal?

My girlfriend is having a lot of problems with her gastric bypass surgery done in 2003, hernias, mess problems. Is she a candidate for a reversal of... READ MORE

I have a slipped gastric band. I am in constant pain. Is it normal?

My bariatric surgeon sent me for a barium scan, mentioned hiatal hernia, possibility of a new procedure of repositioning my band and took some fluid... READ MORE

Bariactic Bypass 1997, Last 2 Yrs. Large Hernia, Gained over a Hundred Pounds, Gallstones. What to Do?

I had Gastric Bypass in 97, my start weight was 467lbs, lost 237 lbs and sustained until 2 yrs. ago. Had knee injury which compromised my activity,... READ MORE

New pain after gastric bypass surgery. I vomit in the morning and by the next day the incision pain was like day 4.

Day 10 after gastric bypass - I wAs feeling great, I mean great! Eating soft food ( no problems there), no problems with bowel movement, pain was gone... READ MORE

Vertical Incision hernias from 2.5 year old surgery. Is mesh with a bariatric surgery they only way?

I have a "very large" hernia at the top of my old vertical surgery sight with "small hernias going down the entire incision sight, sternum to pelvic... READ MORE

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