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*UPDATE* Had Gastric Bypass in 2001, Lost 140lbs, Gained Back 85lbs Because of Fibromyalgia and Unable to Exercise?

Due to my Fibromyalgia I am unable to exercise and have gained back 85lbs of the 140 I lost following my gastric bypass. How can I lose the excess... READ MORE

Can I Have a Normal, Active Life After Gastric Bypass?

I'm expecting some changes to my diet and lifestyle but will I be able to do active things like sports, 10K runs, travel, etc. with a gastric bypass? READ MORE

Do I Need to Do a Mandatory Diet Program Before Gastric Bypass?

My surgeon usually requires a mandatory lifestyle course where patients learn about diet and exercise. However, he's said he's going to exempt... READ MORE

Financing and insurance coverage on Gastric Bypass Surgery?

I am a 24 year old female, 5'9'' tall, and I weigh 255 pounds. Despite dieting and exercising when I can. I am never able to loose more than a few... READ MORE

How would a gastric bypass cause weight loss vs healthy eating already with exercise and not losing weight, or barely eating?

Gastric Bypass vs healthy eating already vs not eating that much... How or why gastric bypass would be effective? READ MORE

I am a 23yr female, who weighs 406 lbs, no serious health issues, Bypass or Sleeve ?

I want to get this weight off as quick as possible. I want to exercise and eat right and become healthier. I am stuck between the bypass and sleeve. I... READ MORE

Can I get gastric bypass surgery? (photo)

I'm 28 I've always been 100 ponds or more over my weight I am 295 ponds at my most. I've tried exercise, dieting, weight loss supplements. I have four... READ MORE

I asked this question 3 yrs ago with no I'll give it another go :)

I know this is a really silly question but I've always wondered. Is it possible to have a gastric bypass without being MORBIDLY obese if you pay it on... READ MORE

Would I be a good candidate for bariatric surgery? What is your professional opinion and which one should I get?

I am 25 years old ,5"8 and 268 pounds. my BMI is 41. I have been over weight most of my life. I have bad knees and ankles and frequently injure myself... READ MORE

What can be done if the active intestine is become more efficient at absorbing calories?

I've gained back 60 pounds three years after gastric bypass. I watch what I eat and I walk every day. The active intestine becoming more... READ MORE

is there somewhere that will perform surgery for me, without a lax on other medical protocol?

I have a bmi of 25 and want a gastric bypass. I have been trying to loose weight for the past 10 years and cannot seem to get close to my ideal... READ MORE

Will my skin tighten by itself after Gastric Bypass? 6 Months Post-Op.

Hello everyone. First, before my question I will put some info about me: Age: 25 Height: 5 foot 5 Inches Weight Before Surgery: 348 Weight 6 months... READ MORE

3 Years Post-op Gastric Bypass - Can't Lose Weight

I had gastric bypass over three years ago and lost 100 pounds . i still need to lose 50 60 pounds . i have been going to the gym very consistantly and... READ MORE

Diet requirements Post-Gastric R&Y and excercising?

Hi, I had a Gastric Bypass 4 years ago and I've lost 60kg of which I've regained 10kg. I recently started cycling and I'm spending around 8-10 hours... READ MORE

I am 44, 6 ft with a bypass in 2010, strict diet and exercise now, trying to determine how far I should lose down. (Photo)

I am 44, 6 ft large bone structure. I had a bypass in 2010, and started at 450, losing down to 325, with a small gain. Started losing again with... READ MORE

I had a RNY 3 1/2 yrs ago. Can I take thyroid meds? Will they be absorbed properly?

I had a RNY 3 1/2 years ago. Lost 100 pounds (which was my goal) I have continued to diet and exercise but in a three month span I gained 30lbs.... READ MORE

Do you recommend Gastric Bypass Surgery?

My name is Chris, I'm 230 lb and im 5'6" I'm up to a size 18/20 pants, and a 2XL shirt.... I used to exercise like crazy and hardly ever lose weight... READ MORE

How can I stop regaining weight?

I had gastric bypass surgery in 2009 and lost 104 lbs. I changed my entire lifestyle and my weight had stayed stable at 145-147lbs until the last year... READ MORE

Is there anything I can do now before I lose the weight for loose skin?

I just had surgery six days ago and I know I will probably have loose skin is there anything I can do now to help it exercise weight trainer ect Iam a... READ MORE

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