Diabetes + Gastric Bypass

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23 y/o, 135lbs, BMI of 40.3, 6" tall. Do I qualify for gastric bypass surgery? Would you advise weight loss surgery? (Photo)

I would like to know if I qualify for gastric bypass surgery as I am on a mission to completely transforming my entire body. I used to be slim but... READ MORE

Gastric Bypass and Diabetes

Recently read that Gastric Bypass surgery can often reverse Diabetes, is that true? READ MORE

Diabetes Type 2 and Bariatric Surgery?

What are the risks for bariatric surgery with diabetes type 2? READ MORE

Am I too obese (480 lbs 5 ft 9 inches tall) to have gastric bypass surgery?

I am currently 27 years old and heart disease runs in my family. I have tried the Insanity workout program since January 1st 2014 and I only lost... READ MORE

How do I know if I qualify for weight loss surgery ? (Photo)

I'm 35 years old with a bmi of 38. I have hypothyroidism , major depressive disorder, mthfr and a family history of heat disease , obesity , diabetes.... READ MORE

20 years old with a BMI of 44...am I qualified? (Photo)

I have tried many things, and have been struggling all my life with my weight. I will go through times where I can be be active and loose a little... READ MORE

Does the Gastric bypass or the sleeve help with diabetes?

I was wondering which procedures such better for people that suffer from type II diabetes? And is there more complications with excessive bleeding... READ MORE

Does gastric bypass surgery help with diabetes and high blood pressure?

How does gastric bypass help with diabetes and high blood pressure? READ MORE

Is gastric bypass surgery necessary for my Hernia Repair?

I'm a 215 lb diabetic with a ventral hernia. I'm one week pre-op to have it repaired and the doctors want to perform a Gastric Bypass Surgery with the... READ MORE

Can I have weight reduction surgery with diabetes?

I have diabetes and want to have surgery to lose weight is it safe? READ MORE

Am I able to get gastric bypass , lap and or sleeve?

Diabetes , obesity Runs in my family . It's hard for my weight to come off even though I am Very active with dance & jogging . It seems I'm getting... READ MORE

My Doctors Told Me I Need Bariatric Surgery to Survive. Need Help?

I Live in Avon Park Florida. My Lung Dr and my Primary Care Dr Both Have Told Me I Need the Bariatric Surgery to Survive. my Lungs are bad from copd.... READ MORE

Has Type II Diabetes, Copd, Muscles Hurt, Had Heart Bypass in 4/2011; Will GB Help Me Avoid Dialysis?

63 yrs old male; Nephrologist said that I will be on dialysis soon; that diabetes, heart & breathing problems,& being overweight (270 lbs at... READ MORE

Am I Too Young for a Gastric Bypass?

I will be 16 years old in October, I live in Canada, I have Diabetes type 2 and my BMI is 43.8 (130.5kg/288lbs and 173cm/5 ft 7 in.) I have a lot of... READ MORE

I'm 28 and 280lbs. What is it that does not qualify me for gastric bypass surgery and insured by kaiser? (photos)

Gone to my Dr & complained about several struggles; lower back pain, knee and leg pain, & running out of breath. Diabetes in my family& high blood... READ MORE

Was my doctor correct in recommending Gastric Bypass for me? (Photo)

52 YO female. Diabetic 17 years, 16 of them perfectly controlled with diet, exercise, (and meds after 2006 when I ruptured my L brevis tendon in half... READ MORE

I want to know what would be best for me as far as sleeve or bypass?

I'm a 33 yr old female with a list of medical problems such as ..type 1 diabetes ..hypothyroidism.. High BP..sleep apnea.. And beginning stages of... READ MORE

I am looking for help from a gastric bypass surgeon in the Pittsburgh, PA area (Photo)

I am a 46 year old female who takes 4 different medications for HTN and take a medication for high cholesterol and diabetes. Like many others I have... READ MORE

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