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Post Gastric Bypass Complication

Bypass done 11 yrs ago. Surgeon left the practice. I was assigned another surgeon. I complained to him that I had a gnawing feeling in my stomach but... READ MORE

Gastric Bypass Revision

I had the gastric bypass in 2002 and went from 330 to 160. I got pregnant and had 2 girls back to back. I regained some of my weight and stay around... READ MORE

Could Abdominal Surgery Have Affected Gastric Bypass RNY? Will Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Michigan Cover Revisions

Had Gastric Bypass 1993 & maintained weight loss. 2007, I underwent several abdominal procedures. Initial exploratory, Dr found adhesions &... READ MORE

Doctor Recommendation for Gastric Bypass Revision: Hernia in Esophagus and Leaking Mesh

9 years ago I had a Rouen-Y gastric by pass, I lost 250lbs. I gained back 50, I wanted to loose the extra weight and add a lap band. I underwent... READ MORE

Gastric Bypass Complications

Considering gastric bypass but heard it's dangerous and there are a lot of risks. What sort of complications can happen with gastric bypass surgery? READ MORE

Can Gastric Bypass Surgery Be Reversed if You Are Having Too Many Complications?

Can Gastric Bypass Surgery Be Reversed if You Are Having Too Many Complications? and if So Do the Insurance Pay for the Reversal? READ MORE

Gastric Bypass complications?

I have been researching to find out other people's views on gastric bypass and I have heard a lot but I am puzzled by the fact that I haven't come... READ MORE

Does the Gastric bypass or the sleeve help with diabetes?

I was wondering which procedures such better for people that suffer from type II diabetes? And is there more complications with excessive bleeding... READ MORE

Would I be qualified to undergo surgery at my age?

I am 22 years old and I am 5'7 & weigh 232.6 lbs. I have struggled with my weight for the last 5 years and I have developed high blood pressure... READ MORE

35 Years Post Op, Now Having Complications from Gastric Bypass, Precedence Please?

My dad had his stomach stapled, he survived six months of life threatening complications. last week he came down with extreme stomach pain and was... READ MORE

If I'm 165 lbs, 5'6 & doing the surgery to lose 25 lbs & to keep my weight off. Do you think I would have complications? (photo)

Don't want to struggle with the weight anymore. Do you think I would have any complications with my weight being 165 READ MORE

As a patient, I would like to know a Doctors professional opinion about a Gastric Bypass. What is the success rate?

I have been researching Gastric Bypass for quite sometime now, and I briefly know the pros and cons of this surgery... HOWEVER, I would like to know... READ MORE

Gastric Bypass and pregnancy.

My BMI is 36, I am 31 years old have type 2 diabetes and high bp and plan on having another child but want to avoid health complications during... READ MORE

24 y/o and not sure if Gastric Bypass is right for me? Am I too young?

Currently weigh 190. I have lost 40 lbs in the past year but I'm still struggling. I do try to stay active. I have tried almost every weightloss... READ MORE

Can my kidney make me gain weight? Is it possible to make my stomach smaller?

I had gastric bypass in 2011/2012, from the start I had a lot of complications, from infection to not being able to drink or eat and unbearable pain... READ MORE

How to find specialist doctor or practice that handles long term RNY gastric bypass complications?

Had lapriscopic rny bypass in 1999. Have un-diagnosed problems. Chronic retching, abdominal pain, many emergency visits yearly. Noone can find the... READ MORE

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