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What is the Difference Between Gastric Banding and Gastric Bypass?

I'd like to know how is gastric banding different from gastric bypass? Which of the two is the safest, gives you the most results, and has the least... READ MORE

Gastric Bypass Vs. Gastric Band - How to Choose?

My spouse weighs approx. 500lb and it's hard for her to exercise to get the weight off, so we're looking into weight loss surgery to help... READ MORE

How would a gastric bypass cause weight loss vs healthy eating already with exercise and not losing weight, or barely eating?

Gastric Bypass vs healthy eating already vs not eating that much... How or why gastric bypass would be effective? READ MORE

Can I have gastric bypass surgery at 5ft 9in and 480lbs or would sleeve gastrectomy be a better option?

I am currently 27 years old I'll turn 28 in July. I am 5ft 9in tall and weigh 480lbs. I am currently set to have a consulation with a bariatric... READ MORE

I want to get weight loss surgery. Which is the best option?

In the endoscopy, the doctor discovered a 3 cm hiatal hernia cos of which he said I'm more suited for the gastric bypass than the sleeve. I am terrified! READ MORE

I am 22 years, 5 ft 2.5 in tall, weighing 245 lbs. Wondering which bariatric surgery is best for me?

I want to be a healthy weight. I don't want so much lose skin. Which surgery is better for me and why? I just want to make the right choice but I am... READ MORE

I am considering Gastric Bypass or the sleeve. My BMI is around 50. What is the best option for me?

I am a 37 yr old female with lots of abdominal surgeries with some complications. I currently have a hernia will this effect weight loss surgery? READ MORE

Suffers from PCOS and Gastric bypass or Sleeve?

HI there, I am 30years old female. I suffer from PCOS. My BMI is almost 35. Which is the best surgery I qualify for? Thanks READ MORE

What is the difference between a gastric bypass and a mini bypass? Are there any long-term adverse effects to either surgery?

Which procedure is preferred and why? Is one more dangerous than the other? Does the full bypass give patients better weight-loss results? READ MORE

Do I qualify for gastric bypass surgery? I am 6 ft tall, 130 pounds, BMI of 31.2

I am 6 feet tall and weigh 130 pounds. That equates to a BMI of 31.2 I have high cholesterol for my age. I can lose weight but the weight tends to... READ MORE

Which surgery is the best one out there?

Hi my is Mayra I'm Hispanic 5'7" 216 lb I been thinking about having a gastric surgery for a while but I finally took the 1st step I have my medical... READ MORE

My BMI is 27.9 (179 lbs/ 5'7"). Which surgery would be best for me: gastric bypass or sleeve? Expected weigh loss in first 2 mo?

My BMI is 27.9 (179 lbs/ 5'7") and I'm getting bariatric surgery in December. My blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels are all normal.... READ MORE

Conversion from Sleeve Gastrectomy: Gastric Bypass or Duodenal Switch? (Photos)

In 2013, at approx 600lbs I had a Gastric Sleeve. I've lost over 200lbs since, however, I feel the sleeve has reached the end of it's capabilities. I... READ MORE

I want to know what would be best for me as far as sleeve or bypass?

I'm a 33 yr old female with a list of medical problems such as ..type 1 diabetes ..hypothyroidism.. High BP..sleep apnea.. And beginning stages of... READ MORE

Gastric Bypass Vs Duodenal Switch - What's the difference and which is safer?

The Duodenal Switch procedure doesn't seem to be performed by all bariatric surgeons. Can you explain what the difference is between the DS and the... READ MORE

I am 52 years old and got approve from insurance for bariatric surgery. Would gastric bypass or sleeve be best?

I am 52 year old,got approve from insurance for barriatric surgery,I was preparing my self for sleeve surgery,but I have Barrett's ,so my surgen... READ MORE

I had my thyroid removed a few years ago and is treated with medication however I struggle with my weight

Would a long term solution for me be a gastric bypass or could I get away with liposuction with a tummy tuck ? Thank you READ MORE

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