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How Long to Wait After C-section to Have Bariatric Surgery?

It Has Been 5 Months and I Weight 288 Lbs. I develop gestational diabetes and had a 10 lbs 15 oz baby, my blood pressure is 150/100 and my PCP is very... READ MORE

Is a Gastric Sleeve a Good Option for Somebody Who is Overweight and Had a C-section?

Is gastric sleeve a good alternative to gastric bypass? Would it be less intrusive of an option? READ MORE

I was wondering could I be a candidate for gastric by pass? (photos)

28 yr old mother.csection.I'm 5"5 weigh 180lbs.40lbs from 2 years b4. Problem areas ? I see my stomach,arms flanks and waist and back.gastric... READ MORE

Would Gastric Bypass Be an Option for Me?

Hello. I am a 34 year old female with 8 children. I have had 2 c-sections. 1 in 2003 with a set of twins and the other in 2010( single birth) After I... READ MORE

Trying to find out what surgery would best suit me to help lose weight in my stomach (Photo)

I am 27 and my second child I had via c section 7 months ago. I am currently 185 lbs post pregnancy. I weighed 150 before I got pregnant. I would like... READ MORE

Why Can't They Just Do the Sleeve During a C Section?

You're already open makes not to do 2 surgeries and deal with more scar tissue than necessary? READ MORE

I have so many issues. History of gastric bypass, c section. Fibroids ovarian cysts menorrahgia . I have b 12 deficiency

Neuropathy calcium and potassium deficiency. Cervical dysplasia. And my teeth are just breaking to pieces every day. Bleeding ulcers which limits meds... READ MORE

I'm a 51 year old single Mom who has always had a large tummy; only 1 child and c-section (Photo)

HOW MUCH Of a difference do you think I will see? I had gastric sleeve lost about 60 and gained some back. how much weight do you think I would lose?... READ MORE

After 4 c sections how long do i wait befor getting a gastric bypass surgery

Iv had 3 c section but wanting one more bby so that will be 4 c sections then wanting a gastric bypass surgery after bby how long is waiting time and... READ MORE

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