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Gastric Bypass Vs Mini-Gastric Bypass

What is the difference between a gastric bypass procedure and a mini gastric bypass? READ MORE

Hi, I Have Had the Gastric Bypass a Little over 2 Years Ago and Have Never Reached my Goal

Weight. I have had 4 hernia repairs within a year and now have started gaining weight back rapidly.. Is this normal? READ MORE

What all is needed to convince doctor to reverse a gastric bypass? (photo)

February will be 4 years out for me. This last year has been nothing but problems. In and out of ER. Now nausea and vomiting. There is a constant... READ MORE

Surgeon was shocked at 4 weeks to say no adherence at all. Should I go to a general surgeon at hospital? (photos)

Excessive bleeding during op and 100ml/hr post op draining for 3 weeks. Previously had gal bladder and gastric bypass (surgeon aware). Still draining... READ MORE

Is a hernia on the abdominal wall a reason for a gastric bypass reversal?

My girlfriend is having a lot of problems with her gastric bypass surgery done in 2003, hernias, mess problems. Is she a candidate for a reversal of... READ MORE

I have a slipped gastric band. I am in constant pain. Is it normal?

My bariatric surgeon sent me for a barium scan, mentioned hiatal hernia, possibility of a new procedure of repositioning my band and took some fluid... READ MORE

How Do I Stop my Weight Loss After Gastric Bypass Surgery?

I had GBS-R-Y surgery in 2005, and have steadly lost weight. I went from 236 to 136. I am very concerned about the continued uncontrolled weight... READ MORE

I am 10 years post bypass. I have significant pressure in my upper abdomen.

No pain. Significant upper abd bulging and it feels hard under the adipose tissue. READ MORE

I experience a discomfort at the upper left side of my abdomen. What could be the cause?

I had Roux-en-Y gastric bypass 13 years ago. I have done very well and have maintained my weight loss. I think it is from the portion of my stomach... READ MORE

Have any of you experienced patients post Roux n Y with back pain radiating to abdomen while in supine position?

I had gastric bypass 01/2012. 3m post op I started having L side back pain while laying back or down; the sharp/burning pain radiates into my abdomen,... READ MORE

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