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Too Much Weight Loss and my Body Keeps Losing - Why?

I am a 37 y/o female. I weigh 147lbs at 5'11. I am almost 14 months post-op gastric bypass (lost 185 lbs) My surgeon told me I would lose 149 by... READ MORE

23 y/o, 135lbs, BMI of 40.3, 6" tall. Do I qualify for gastric bypass surgery? Would you advise weight loss surgery? (Photo)

I would like to know if I qualify for gastric bypass surgery as I am on a mission to completely transforming my entire body. I used to be slim but... READ MORE

Gastric bypass/lipo at 20?

Hi, im 20 yrs old and have been struggling with my weight almost all my life, leading/been contributed by, to depression and anxiety. I have tried so... READ MORE

Is it possible after Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass I'll weight around 130-140 lbs from 295 lbs?

Hi so decided gastric bypass surgery I am currently weighing 295 I'm 18yr old female and 5'8 I am hoping after this procedure I will get down to the... READ MORE

Frustrated Had Gastric Bypass 2 Years Ago. Now Anorexic. What Type of Dr Can I See for 2nd Opinion?

I am 5'8" start weight was 250# now weighing in at only 102#. Need to find doctor to take my situation more serious and quit referring me to... READ MORE

Financing and insurance coverage on Gastric Bypass Surgery?

I am a 24 year old female, 5'9'' tall, and I weigh 255 pounds. Despite dieting and exercising when I can. I am never able to loose more than a few... READ MORE

Gastric Plication/Imbrication V/s 3rd Liposuction with Pec Implants? (photo)

I am a student [Male,Current Stats:Age:23,BMI:27,Height:172cm,Weight:169lb,BF%:22].I wish to have a ripped physique [5% BF,6 pack abs,pectoral... READ MORE

Gastric Bypass or Sleeve Candidate?

I'm 5'9", 275lbs, 40.6 BMI and no co-morbidities. I try to eat healthy and go to the gym. I've tried diets for years. Am I a candidate? Which surgery... READ MORE

Will They Allow Me to Receive Bariatric (Gastric Sleeve or Bypass) Surgery?

I'm close to a 100 kilograms, about 181cm Obese and sadly attempted losing weight my entire life. My self-image has annihilated my self-esteem. Along... READ MORE

Am I too obese (480 lbs 5 ft 9 inches tall) to have gastric bypass surgery?

I am currently 27 years old and heart disease runs in my family. I have tried the Insanity workout program since January 1st 2014 and I only lost... READ MORE

Can I have gastric bypass surgery at 5ft 9in and 480lbs or would sleeve gastrectomy be a better option?

I am currently 27 years old I'll turn 28 in July. I am 5ft 9in tall and weigh 480lbs. I am currently set to have a consulation with a bariatric... READ MORE

How can I get bypass surgery? (photos)

Im 227lb im 5"8 and My bmi is 34.5 but my doctor won't sign off on my bypass surgery what can I do I have medicaid READ MORE

I am considering gastric bypass surgery. I'm 5 ft 9, 480 lbs. Am I a good candidate for lap band or gastric bypass?

I have tried everything from the Insanity workout program, to diets, Focus T25, P90x all with minimal weight loss. Heart disease runs in my family. I... READ MORE

I'm 18 turning 19, I'm 5ft 11 and weigh 360 pounds. Can I have gastric bypass surgery?

I am extremely overweight. My biggest problem is not eating enough, I can go days without eating. The reason for it is because I'm never hungry. The... READ MORE

I'm 20 and 5'10", male. I weigh 280 lbs. Do I qualify?

I have constant stomach problems like IBS or something, I try dieting, but it inflames my stomach issues and then I gain back plus more. READ MORE

Will I Qualify for Bariatric Surgery VSG?

I'm about 5'11-6'0 and weight 253 pounds. I'm not aware of any health issues although my MD did stated I was borderline diabetic. My insurance will... READ MORE

I'm 16 years old. I am 5'10" and weigh 345 lbs. Would I be able to get a gastric bypass surgery?

How Much Would The Price Estimate To ? How Would I Keep My Body Fit After The Surgery ? READ MORE

I'm 27 went from 140 to 350 to 145 to 240. Can someone please help me with my options? (photo)

In high school I was 140 lbs then got on birtj control and ended up at 350 lbs had weight loss surgery (gastric sleeve) 4 years ago and got down to... READ MORE

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