350 Lbs And Up + Gastric Bypass

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Too Obese for Gastric Bypass Surgery?

I want to talk to a doctor about getting bypass surgery but I am afraid of being turned down. My BMI is 80, height 5'5", weight 500lb.... READ MORE

How Much Weight Can I Feasibly Lose Without a Gastric Bypass?

I'm quite heavy (500 pounds) and have been thinking of having a gastric bypass, but it seems so drastic and final to me. Can I feasibly lose... READ MORE

Can a Morbidly Obese Person Be Too Old to Undergo Bariatric Surgery As a Means to Lose Weight?

Are there any online support groups that have been created to help make a formerly morbidly obese person's transition into a healthier lifestyle... READ MORE

What kind of loose skin will I have after 60kg weight loss with Mini Gastric Bypass (MGB) surgery age 33 height 6 feet.?

I weigh around 167 kilos (weight is evenly divided across my body I mean there is no one very fat body area but overall) and am planning to go for a... READ MORE

Could surgery help me lose enough weight?

I am 22yrs old 5'5 and 365lbs ive tried a number of different diet plans and doctor supervised treatments and the most ive ever lost is 40lbs im... READ MORE

My Doctors Told Me I Need Bariatric Surgery to Survive. Need Help?

I Live in Avon Park Florida. My Lung Dr and my Primary Care Dr Both Have Told Me I Need the Bariatric Surgery to Survive. my Lungs are bad from copd.... READ MORE

Gastric Sleeve or Gastric Bypass? (photos)

Trying to decide which procedure to have done; I am 25 weigh just under 180kg & am 6 foot. Saw 2 surgeons, one recommended bypass, the second pushed... READ MORE

Gastric bypass for teens?

I'm 16 and extremely overweight. I know it was caused by my bad choices but I want almost a second chance. My step dad had this surgery done and he's... READ MORE

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