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Is it possible after Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass I'll weight around 130-140 lbs from 295 lbs?

Hi so decided gastric bypass surgery I am currently weighing 295 I'm 18yr old female and 5'8 I am hoping after this procedure I will get down to the... READ MORE

I'm 23 yrs old, 5'6, and weight around 290. Is gastric sleeve a good option?

I've been over weight since I can remember. I lost about 20 pounds in summer of senior year but then gained it back and more. Ever since I moved for... READ MORE

Would someone in my situation benefit from a different or revision type surgery? (Photo)

Hi, I had gastric bypass in July of 1997 at the beginning weight of 426lbs. I lost weight rapidly and by the 18 month marker I was at 180lbs.(I'm... READ MORE

Why would being too fat prevent surgeon from visualizing the stomach to complete a gastric sleeve procedure?

April 7,2014, I underwent an "awake intubation" and incisions made in my belly for the sleeve, however, he couldn't complete the surgery. He said I... READ MORE

How can I minimize excess skin after a major weight loss?

I currently weigh 300lbs im awaiting gastric bypass surgery I lost down to 145 once and had excess skin hanging and don't care to relive that... READ MORE

Can I get gastric bypass surgery? (photo)

I'm 28 I've always been 100 ponds or more over my weight I am 295 ponds at my most. I've tried exercise, dieting, weight loss supplements. I have four... READ MORE

I had lap band 2 years ago. I started at 300 and lost about 30 lbs. Should I get bypass?

I had lap band 2 years ago. I started at 300 and lost about 30 lbs. The doctors kept telling me I was in my green zone, but I never quite felt like I... READ MORE

I am 300 lbs & 6'3, is gastric bypass surgery right for me? (photos)

People I tell I'm considering the surgery say I don't look that big. A lady at the gastric bypass clinic said where is all my fat.. I'm 300lbs. I'm... READ MORE

If I get gastric bypass surgery done, will I lose too much weight and look nasty?

Hello i am currently 20 years old, and i am weighing in at 300 pounds. I have had a son and thats what made me get so big, I have tried everything to... READ MORE

BMI is above 40 but not sure I can afford the sleeve or bypass. What can I do?

I am 5'7 and way around 300 lbs. have done well and have been under 200 and everything I have done comes back faster and more weight. READ MORE

Undecided on which surgery would be best for me.

Hi am 32 years old with 2 young children over the years i have put on weight , I have tried different diets but i just love food at the moment am... READ MORE

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