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1 Year Post-Gastric Bypass. Only Lost 62lb - Normal?

I had a gastric bypass last March and have only lost 62 in almost a year - Now 255. Is that normal? I exercise, eat the proteins first, eat complex... READ MORE

Gastric bypass/lipo at 20?

Hi, im 20 yrs old and have been struggling with my weight almost all my life, leading/been contributed by, to depression and anxiety. I have tried so... READ MORE

Financing and insurance coverage on Gastric Bypass Surgery?

I am a 24 year old female, 5'9'' tall, and I weigh 255 pounds. Despite dieting and exercising when I can. I am never able to loose more than a few... READ MORE

I Had a Gastric Bypass About Four Years Ago and Went from 320 to 210?

Unfortunately I now weigh 262 and my belly is looser, flabbier and hangs lower and is almost the same size as before. Somewhere along the line I lost... READ MORE

Which is best for my body type? Gastric or Sleeve? (Photo)

I don't want to become to thin, and look sick. I will workout and maintain a healthy lifestyle. I just haven't decided on which procedure will be best... READ MORE

I'm having the gastric bypass. I weigh 261. Am I going to sag everywhere and lose my hair?

I way 261 I'm having the gastric bypass I was wondering when I start losing weight am I going to Sag everywhere and will I lose my hair READ MORE

I'm 24, 5ft 7 and 265lbs. Do I qualify for gastric bypass?

I started gaing weight when i was 8 years old... when i was 18 i weighed 200 pounds instead of loosing weight i kep gaining more now im 24 im 5.7 and... READ MORE

Having gastric bypass in October and so worried about dying. Any suggestions?

Having gastric bypass in October and am so scared that I will die or something terrible will happen. I am 36 years old and 250pds. I hate that the... READ MORE

Torn - Which one Gastric bypass or Sleeve?

I thought I had my mind made up for gastric bypass. My surgeons office called today to inform me that they had received my final approval for gastric... READ MORE

I have Medicare and Medicaid, will that pay for weight loss surgery? (photos)

Before I had kids at 15 I was 115 pounds and when I got pregnant with my first child I blew up to 150 but I end up losing that until I start taking... READ MORE

Would I be a good candidate for bariatric surgery? What is your professional opinion and which one should I get?

I am 25 years old ,5"8 and 268 pounds. my BMI is 41. I have been over weight most of my life. I have bad knees and ankles and frequently injure myself... READ MORE

Will I Qualify for Bariatric Surgery VSG?

I'm about 5'11-6'0 and weight 253 pounds. I'm not aware of any health issues although my MD did stated I was borderline diabetic. My insurance will... READ MORE

I'm 27 went from 140 to 350 to 145 to 240. Can someone please help me with my options? (photo)

In high school I was 140 lbs then got on birtj control and ended up at 350 lbs had weight loss surgery (gastric sleeve) 4 years ago and got down to... READ MORE

How long will the pain last?

At my highest weight 320 i got down to 267 before surgery in a six month period please Help me get through this stage feeling really regretful wis h i... READ MORE

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