210-229 Lbs + Gastric Bypass

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I had bypass surgery about 14 years ago, lost some 80lbs. should I do revision, I am 62 years old.

I am really having hard time keeping the weight off now after almost 10 years of maintaining, the problem is I am now 62 and afraid of surgery at this... READ MORE

Will They Allow Me to Receive Bariatric (Gastric Sleeve or Bypass) Surgery?

I'm close to a 100 kilograms, about 181cm Obese and sadly attempted losing weight my entire life. My self-image has annihilated my self-esteem. Along... READ MORE

I am 64, female, 215 lbs, 5'3", with severe restless leg syndrome. Would weight loss help? (Photo)

I am miserable with my weight, restless leg syndrome, and hypertension. I have had two knee replacements on the right knee and feel my weight is... READ MORE

Kidney Transplant?

I am morbidly over weight I am 5'4" and I weigh 313 lbs.My problem is that I have had a Kidney Transplant 6 years ago and have gained over 100 lbs.... READ MORE

Is it worth going in to see a surgeon at this point?

After having bariatric surgery June of 2014, I have dropped 132 lbs from being my highest at 343. So I currently weigh 211 and my goal weight is... READ MORE

How can I get bypass surgery? (photos)

Im 227lb im 5"8 and My bmi is 34.5 but my doctor won't sign off on my bypass surgery what can I do I have medicaid READ MORE

Is gastric bypass surgery necessary for my Hernia Repair?

I'm a 215 lb diabetic with a ventral hernia. I'm one week pre-op to have it repaired and the doctors want to perform a Gastric Bypass Surgery with the... READ MORE

Which surgery is the best one out there?

Hi my is Mayra I'm Hispanic 5'7" 216 lb I been thinking about having a gastric surgery for a while but I finally took the 1st step I have my medical... READ MORE

I am not losing any more weight after Gastric Bypass: How important are the shakes and vitamins?

I first weighed 268 then i started my 2wk diet, day of GBP surgery i was 256 1/27/14. Today' im only 228. I have been stuck on 228 for 3wks now. I... READ MORE

Would you recommend gastric bypass? (photos)

I work out 5 days a week I've just given birth 5 months ago I've always been on the heavier side but fit not really fat I really want to be slim but... READ MORE

I want to get the gastric sleeve done but I don't know where to go?

I want to get the gastric sleeve done but I don't know where to go I started everything in nj but moved to Florida and now I don't know where to go I... READ MORE

gastric bypass revision to make my stomach smaller again

In 1997 I was over 300 lbs and I had gastric bypass surgery. I dropped to 160. long hospital stay because of pancreas problems, the biel leak problem... READ MORE

Can I have a revision gastric bypass?

My bmi is 33.60 I had gastric bypass 8 years ago I want a revision done my weight is 221 an it keep going up can I get a revision done READ MORE

Am I eligible for mini gastric surgery? I'm 5'3 and weigh 210.

I had two babies in two years and gained about 45 lbs. I have severe acid reflux and need to lose weight. I have no other health issues. Am I a... READ MORE

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