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When Will I See Fraxel Re:Pair Results for Wrinkles or Scars?

I'm 46-years-old and have had many laser surgeries. I've had CO2, Cooltouch, Thermage, Fraxel ReStore, etc. My acne scars have improved over the... READ MORE

Fraxel Repair for Acne Scars?

I've read that the Fraxel Re:pair works wonders on wrinkles, but what about acne scars? I have widespread scarring on my face, however most of it... READ MORE

In Theory, Does Fraxel Repair or Restore Help with Burn Scars?

I keep hearing mixed reports on Fraxel Laser (Restore) and Fraxel Repair results for burn scars. On one hand, I have seen pictures of burn scars... READ MORE

Fraxel Re:pair Dual vs. TCA Cross for Boxcar Scars

I have boxcar scars similar to those in the attached picture. I have undergone 6 TCA cross treatments. First treatment yielded amazing results, with... READ MORE

Are the Traditional CO2/Erbium Lasers Better Than Fraxel Repair for Scars?

I have quite a lot of scattered ice pick and boxcar scarring. I went to see a dermatologist and he told me fraxel repair would only get rid of 30% of... READ MORE

Fraxel Repair Treatment After TCA Cross Treatments?

Hello, I'm planning to have a Fraxel repair treatment after TCA cross treatments. I'm not sure about how long I should wait because TCA cross can be... READ MORE

Post Fraxel Repair Complications - Puffiness and Scar

I am female, 30. I had fraxel repair (En-40mj, 60% ) a year ago to treat post acne ice-pick scars. All face except forehead, eye area, chin and nose.... READ MORE

Will Fraxel Repair Help with Scars Left After CO2 and Fraxel Restore?

About 15 years ago, I had a CO2 Laser resurfacing done for acne scars that left me with redness, hypopigmentation, and hypertropic scars especially on... READ MORE

How Long After a Surgery Can I Do Fraxel Repair or Restore?

I was born with bilateral cleft lip and I am 19 years old. My last surgery was 2 months ago and I have a new scar because I had lip Advancement. Can I... READ MORE

Why Did my Scars Come Back After Fraxel Repair?

I've undergone 7 times of fraxel restore the results are quite good and then I wanna attain more so I did the repair but why my scars come back after... READ MORE

Fraxel Repair to Minimize Fresh Scar?

When post-op is the best time to undergo Fraxel Repair to minimize a scar on the face? Is the sooner the better? How soon exactly? READ MORE

Fraxel Repair After Retin-A?

How long do I have to wait to be off Retin-A to get a Fraxel Repair done? After being pretty clear of acne after a course of Accutane about two years... READ MORE

Realistic Fraxel Repair Results for Scarring?

I have reasearched for a long time and consulted a dermatologist on the Fraxel Repair. They suggested one treatment at a power of 60 (1,000 microns)... READ MORE

Severe Acne 4 Mos Post Fraxel Repair. What is Going On?

I had Fraxel Repair done 4 mos ago, primarily for fine lines and texture. I have never had acne - not even as a teenager. Now, I have severe acne from... READ MORE

Fraxel Repair - Treat Neck Scarring with Cortisone Injections?

I Had Fraxel Repair 3-1/2 Weeks Ago. I Appear to Be Getting Significant Scarring on my Neck, thick lines which appear to be running directly over... READ MORE

How long should I wait in between Fraxel Repair/Restore laser treatment sessions?

I just had 1 of 3 sessions of both fraxel repair and fraxel restore on my (11 year old) breast reduction scars and stretch marks. I'm trying to plan... READ MORE

How Long Should I Wait Between Pulsed Dye Laser and Fraxel Repair Treatments?

Hi , if I have the pulsed dye laser done all over my face and then have a fraxel repair on cheeks only ( for scarring) how long should I wait between... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Alternate Fraxel with Pixel Laser?

I have some fine lines around my eyes and mild scarring around my mouth from a former acid peel about I did several years ago. I want to do a total of... READ MORE

Can Fraxel Repair Partially Repigment Hypopigmented Scars?

What if combined w/ hydroquinone? I have some hypo-pigmented scars that I am having a fraxel repair on. I read that some doctors seen hypo-pigmented... READ MORE

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