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Is Fraxel Re:Pair Safe for Asian Skin?

Hi, I am Chinese and am concerned about having Fraxel re:pair treatment for my acne scars due to pigmentation issues. Has anyone seen good results on... READ MORE

Self-tanning Lotion Safe After Fraxel Repair?

I am considering having the Fraxel Repair. I understand that staying out of the sun and wearing protective sunscreen will be very important after the... READ MORE

Fraxel Repair After ArteFill?

I had ArteFill for my smile line several years ago, and also had fillers for the vertical lines above my lip more than a year ago. Now I'm considering... READ MORE

How Safe is Fraxel Restore?

How 'safe' is actually fraxel restore literally. Of course every doctor you go to for consultation they will say is safe regardless and with 1% risk.... READ MORE

Is it safe to have Fraxel Repair used under the eyes?

I am having my entire face done. But I thought lower lid area may be too sensitive. I have thin skin. But would love to minimize the wrinkles below... READ MORE

Fraxel Repair Safety for Patients with Immune Deficiency?

On a scale from 1 to 10: how would you rate Fraxel Repair for safety and eventual side effects? Are there warnings against this procedure if you have... READ MORE

Is Frax Repair Safe if I Have Had 1000 Rads of Radiation to my Face?

Radiation to my face for acne in 1965. I was told that I should not do CO2 lasers because I would not heal. However, I believe that the fraxal repair... READ MORE

Fraxel Repair - what is the normal setting for acne scars? What is the most powerful setting that is still safe for acne scars?

From what I understand the doctor can set different levels of power in the fraxel repair machine. What is normal power setting for treating acne... READ MORE

Fraxel Restore over upper eyelid w/eye protector?

I'm hoping I can get a concise answer on this... I have called a few local doctors and each gives me a different answer. Is it safe to have fraxel... READ MORE

Is fraxel repair safe at the deepest setting and low density?

I want to try fractional co2 for my iron oxide tattoo. Should fraxel repair at the deepest setting and low density cause no scarring? READ MORE

Does Fraxel Repair Cause Hair Follicle at the Subcutaneous Depth?

Hello! If Fraxel:Repair is used to ablate tissue down to the Subcutaneous level from the outside of the upper lip will it cause hair follicle loss? I... READ MORE

I have boxcar scars on my buttocks. Should continue with Fraxel restore or should I switch to Fraxel repair? (photos)

I have boxcar scars on my buttocks. I have already had 2 fraxel restore trtments done. I know it takes many fraxel restore trtments to see results. I... READ MORE

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