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How Long Does It Take to See Full Fraxel Repair Results?

I'm 53 years old and I had an above average amount of wrinkles and sun damage on my face. I had the repair done on June 14th, 08. After healing I... READ MORE

Healing from Fraxel Re:pair

I had Fraxel re:pair done 5 days ago. It's a slow healing. Read my story below and see what advice you can offer me. I had Fraxel re:pair done... READ MORE

Fraxel Repair Even when Skin is in Good Condition?

Does Fraxel Repair work better than Fraxel Restore even if skin in good condition now? I understand the differences in Restore and Repair but my two... READ MORE

Indian (Asian) Skin. No Improvement with Fraxel Repair. My Options?

I am an Indian(Asian) male. Had fraxel repair about a year ago. No improvement. Acne scars, sun spots and discoloration still remain. What are my... READ MORE

Multiple Fraxel Repair Sessions for Better Results?

I have just completed my 2nd session of Fraxel Repair. Both were done at 70mj and 60%. Have any of you done multiple sessions of Fraxel Repair and saw... READ MORE

Are These Normal Results 5 Days After Fraxel Repair? (photo)

I am on day 5 of my fraxel repair. I wanted to see if my pics look normal for just having a deep fraxel repair done. It seems like my skin is trying... READ MORE

Does the Fraxel Repair Give Better Results Than the Equinox Dot?

Does the fraxel repair go deeper than other c02 lasers? Does the fraxel repair go deeper than the equinox dot? I had a total fx laser done and... READ MORE

Are Fraxel results permanent? (Photo)

I got my first fraxel laser treatment fisrt i was happie beacuse my scars were looking smaller and less visual but seens the fourth day i realies that... READ MORE

Fraxel Repair with 135 micron hand piece vs. Fraxel Dual for severe acne scarring?

Hi have moderate to severe rolling acne scars and I'm trying to figure out the best laser to use. I went for a consultation today but the office only... READ MORE

Fraxel Repair or Restore for my acne scars? Does an additional PRP treatment give a better result? (Photo)

I'm a 26years old Asian with fair to slight yellow skin tone. I would like to know if fraxel restore or repair will be effective to improve my acne... READ MORE

Fraxel Repair vs Smartskin CO2 (Cynosure) laser?

Eight years ago I had Fraxel Repair and it was AWESOME. Unfortunately that spa no longer offers Fraxel repair, and is also in another state. Here... READ MORE

Fraxel restore on tan skin

My mom is in the 80's and her skin is so smooth, yet mine is very dry. How many sessions of Fraxel treatment will I need to get smooth soft skin? How... READ MORE

How Long Will Recovery and Results Last from Fraxel Repair?

What will the recovery time after fraxel repair? for how long my skin remaun good after taking fraxel? READ MORE

How Long Do the Results of Fraxel Repair Last?

I had the Fraxel Repair 10 days ago (age 56). Not as painful as I had thought given the reviews. My skin looks great though that was not my true... READ MORE

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