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How Long Does It Take for Skin Redness to Disappear After Fraxel Re:Pair?

Fraxel Repair 2 weeks in, redness not abating as quickly as I'd like. Had this thing done about 2 weeks ago - exactly 2 weeks to the day now - and my... READ MORE

Wearing Makeup After Fraxel Repair

I am having Fraxel Repair soon and have the protocol for the first 3 days (Cetaphil cleanser, Aquaphor every 2 hours then Vanicream). How soon can I... READ MORE

Best Makeup and Process for Covering Post-Fraxel Repair Redness?

At the doctor's office they said to use a yellow based foundation as my skin is very fair. On the make-up websites, I see that green... READ MORE

Complications from Bacterial Infection Post-Fraxel Repair

Unfortunately, I got a bacterial skin infection three days after Fraxel Repair. I was on the antibiotic, Keflex, but it was resistant to the type of... READ MORE

Milia or White Head Pimples After Fractional CO2 Laser? (photo)

According to doctor, my skin is eczema type and I have serious peeling issues few months ago. Recently i just done a Fractional CO2 laser 3 weeks ago... READ MORE

Rough, Bumpy Skin Texture After Fraxel Repair

I had lower lid pinch (looks great!) and Fraxel Repair under my eyes 6 weeks ago. I still have very pink skin, but the texture is very bumpy and rough... READ MORE

Hyperpigmentation 2 Weeks After Fraxel Repair

2 weeks post fraxel repair, am left with hyperpigmentation patches around chin area and redness which is seeming darker or not fadin' away!! from what... READ MORE

Will Fraxel Repair Help Acne Scars As Well As Hyperpigmentation?

If I get Fraxel repair (for acne scars, skin texture, etc.), do I also need to get IPL (for brown spots and redness)? Or does Fraxel repair also... READ MORE

Will Fraxel Repair Help with Scars Left After CO2 and Fraxel Restore?

About 15 years ago, I had a CO2 Laser resurfacing done for acne scars that left me with redness, hypopigmentation, and hypertropic scars especially on... READ MORE

How Long After Having Fraxel Re:pair Should I Wait Before Having V-Beam?

This past week I successfully had Fraxel Re-pair on my forehead to address small acne pit scarring. My gameplan also includes addressing facial... READ MORE

Numbness After Fraxel Repair Normal?

I had Faxel Reapir a week ago and not only is my face still very red but it is very numb. Has anyone else experienced this numbness? READ MORE

Fraxel: Would It Take a Month for the Different?

I had Fraxel laser last Friday. It's red and swelling in the first 3 days. After that, my face skin was peel off but seem no different of my acne scar... READ MORE

How long before significant post-Fraxel Repair redness will resolve around my eyes?

I had Fraxel Repair done around my eyes 17 days ago and I still am very, very red. My derm just prescribed me a topical steroid (fluocinolone... READ MORE

Bumpy and red throat skin after an overly aggressive Fraxel Repair 3 years ago. What can correct it? (Photo)

There was an opportunity to get a very good deal on Fraxel Repair with this guy who was 'trying out' his new Repair laser. Afterward, my face looked... READ MORE

Fraxel repair redness won't go away? (photo)

I had fraxel repair done on my mid forehead scar on March 13. It's now June 17 and it's still red. What should I do? Ive heard about V-Beam but are... READ MORE

I Am 4 Weeks Post Fraxel Repair. How Long Does the Red, Bumpy, and Blotchy Appearance Last?

I went to a highly qualified plastic surgeon. He says I am doing fine. I am fearful about the time frame to returning to a semblance of normalacy with... READ MORE

I've had a Fraxel re:pair procedure over a year ago and now have large pores on my nose. What can I do? (photo)

After my Fraxel re:pair treatment, I haven't seen any improvement in my skin (texture and coloration are still bad) but, since the procedure, I've... READ MORE

Post Laser Problems?

1yr post Gemini for Redness then the Doctor suggested Fraxel Restore for skin tone but redness is now bad & I have very fine lines all down my... READ MORE

2 weeks post op, I have pigmentation from Fraxel Repair. Is this normal/ permanent? (photos)

I had Fraxel Repair 2 weeks ago, and all the bronzing seems to have flaked off. The first issue is whether the lines of demarcation and redness will... READ MORE

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