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Fraxel Re:pair Vs TCA Chemical Peel

I am going to schedule some sort of resurfacing procedure in the next couple of weeks. Fraxel Re:pair looks like a great option. How does it compare... READ MORE

1 Yr Post Fraxel Re:Pair to Hands - Horrible Damage. How Can I Fix It? (photo)

The skin on my hands, which previously had just a few solar lentigines but no wrinkles, is now extremely loose and distinctly crepey and dry/crackly... READ MORE

Bumps and Grid Marks Following Fraxel Repair, How To Treat This?

After my Fraxel Repair treatment 24 days ago, I now have tiny raised bumps all over my face and evidence of the grid pattern on my cheeks. My skin... READ MORE

Will Fraxel Repair Fix Severe Stretch Marks and Skin Elasticity on Breasts ?

I believe Fraxel Repair can help with tightening, can it do this on breasts ? I am 28 years old and I can always remember having stretch marks, the... READ MORE

Gaunt Cheeks Due to Acne Scarring: Will Fraxel Repair Build up my Collagen?

I have acne scars on both cheeks. I know that i can get of them through different procedures (Lasers, peels etc.). The real problem is that I lost fat... READ MORE

Indian (Asian) Skin. No Improvement with Fraxel Repair. My Options?

I am an Indian(Asian) male. Had fraxel repair about a year ago. No improvement. Acne scars, sun spots and discoloration still remain. What are my... READ MORE

How Long After Having Fraxel Re:pair Should I Wait Before Having V-Beam?

This past week I successfully had Fraxel Re-pair on my forehead to address small acne pit scarring. My gameplan also includes addressing facial... READ MORE

CO2 Fractional Laser Different from Fraxel Repair?

Is there a diference in Fraxel Repair and CO2 Fractional laser? I mean, is any other CO2 Fractional as good too? Will I have the same result? I live... READ MORE

What can be done to correct bumpy texture after fraxel restore?

What is the best thing to do to correct a bumpy, cobblestone texture after fraxel? TCA peel? Dermabrasion? Retin a? Just waiting and hoping it heals?... READ MORE

Fraxel Repair Lite laser or surgical blepharoplasty? (photo)

I am 42 and considering fraxel repair lite for overall skin refreshéning and eyelid skin tightening. also considering surgical blepharoplasty. Don't ... READ MORE

Dermastamp ruined my skin & caused white scar tissue-please help! I'll travel anywhere! Fraxel Restore? C02? Laviv? Infini? Fat?

I had acne scars on my chin & went to a derm's office last year & his esthetician did 3 dermastamp treatments. I now have WHITE scar tissue on my chin... READ MORE

Which ablative laser on lower eyelids? (Photo)

Hi, I've had 2 consultations for my concern which is: wrinkles, thinning and sagging skin on my lower eye lids. I don't have any puffiness or fat... READ MORE

PIH and roughness 7 weeks post Fraxel Restore. Is my skin ruined permanently? (Photo)

I did fraxel restore for second time on my shallow cheek acne scar 7 weeks ago. First time had no issue but second time frequency was increased(jumped... READ MORE

Fraxel Repair or Restore for my acne scars? Does an additional PRP treatment give a better result? (Photo)

I'm a 26years old Asian with fair to slight yellow skin tone. I would like to know if fraxel restore or repair will be effective to improve my acne... READ MORE

What treatment should I choose? (Photo)

I have been doing a little bit research on laser treatment, mainly fraxel restore, repair, fractional co2, co2,ematrix. And I am very confused about... READ MORE

Bumpy and red throat skin after an overly aggressive Fraxel Repair 3 years ago. What can correct it? (Photo)

There was an opportunity to get a very good deal on Fraxel Repair with this guy who was 'trying out' his new Repair laser. Afterward, my face looked... READ MORE

Post-OP Improvement (Collagen Boost) from Fraxel:Repair Effect Ice-pick and Boxcar Scars? (photo)

(Or Just Wrinkles and Skin Elasticity) Thanks for your time Doc. I am a 27 year old with some "mild" icepick/boxcar scarring on 1 cheek. I had... READ MORE

Lines from Fraxel Restore, What Can I Do?

I had Fraxel Restore done on my neck and chest approx 7 months ago and now as time goes on I am seeing all down my neck which go down to my collar... READ MORE

Had eMatrix (meh), seeking ONE TIME TX for age spotting, acne & chicken pox scars

I would very much appreciate if a doc or someone w/experience could ....would recommend a ONE SITTING tx for the above....I'm very VERY fair and about... READ MORE

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