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Fraxel Repair Vs AcuPulse Fractional CO 2 Laser?

I would like to remove/improve my fine lines, around my mouth and eye areas. With all the lasers out there, and information, I am confused which laser... READ MORE

Fraxel Repair Vs Dermabrasion to Complement Neck Lift?

One Dr. says Fraxel is it! Other says Fraxel Repair benefits don't last after swelling goes down. 57 yr old with lines around the mouth some sun... READ MORE

Fraxel Repair or Lutronics ECO2 for Periorbital and Peri-Oral Areas?

Which of these lasers would give the best results for the periorbital and peri-oral areas? Thank you. READ MORE

Swelling, Rough Skin, and Eyes Almost Shut After Fraxel Repair

I had 2 Vicodan and 1 Valium prior to Fraxel Repair, as well as numbing cream on my entire face and the top of my neck. My MD also administered a... READ MORE

Fraxel Repair Even when Skin is in Good Condition?

Does Fraxel Repair work better than Fraxel Restore even if skin in good condition now? I understand the differences in Restore and Repair but my two... READ MORE

Cost of Fraxel Repair Around the Eyes and Forehead?

I'm young. Mid 20's but was looking into treating lines around the eyes and forehead. What cost am I looking into? :) READ MORE

How long before significant post-Fraxel Repair redness will resolve around my eyes?

I had Fraxel Repair done around my eyes 17 days ago and I still am very, very red. My derm just prescribed me a topical steroid (fluocinolone... READ MORE

What are the best, most natural options to rejuvenate my eyes? Would Fraxel Restore be beneficial? PLEASE advise! :) (Photo)

I had Silikon 10000 injected in my lower eye lid area 5 yrs ago. Initially, I was satisfied, but as my signs of aging have continued, new... READ MORE

What's the difference between Fraxel repair 70% ablative and co2 fully ablative?

I have visited two dermatologists regarding laser resurfacing for the face. They both suggested erbium and co2 for the eye area, however one... READ MORE

Fraxel Repair. Is it the same as, or similar to, Fractional CO2?

Hi , I have a question about a laser procedure I am going to have in nine days, called Fraxel Repair. I am currently using the Obligi Nu-Derm and it... READ MORE

Bumps around eye area after Fraxel restore?

Hi I had fraxel restore 1550 done 6 days ago. I have bumps around my eyes and temples. My skin has already peeled. The settings used were 70mj/ level... READ MORE

Fraxel Re:pair Hyperpigmentation - Permanent?

I had Fraxel re:pair done to upper and lower eye area 9 weeks ago. I have extremely dark reddish-brown circles still that are very noticeable, even... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Alternate Fraxel with Pixel Laser?

I have some fine lines around my eyes and mild scarring around my mouth from a former acid peel about I did several years ago. I want to do a total of... READ MORE

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