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Pixel Vs. Fraxel Repair - What's the Difference?

What's the difference between Fraxel Repair and Pixel? What are the pros/cons of each laser? READ MORE

Fraxel Repair Vs Erbium Yag Laser: Downtime and Results

What is the difference between the Fraxel Repair and the Erbuim Yag Laser in terms of results (mainly for fine lines, texture, pores, and scars) and... READ MORE

Difference Between Old CO2 Laser and Fraxel Repair?

I had the CO2 laser done about 12 years ago and am considering trying the Fraxel Repair in an effort to turn back the clock a little. How different... READ MORE

Fraxel Re:pair Vs TCA Chemical Peel

I am going to schedule some sort of resurfacing procedure in the next couple of weeks. Fraxel Re:pair looks like a great option. How does it compare... READ MORE

Should I Choose Fraxel Repair or Restore for Acne Scars (Asian Female)?

I am Asian,27,female.I have some deep Acne scars,and just finished the 4th fraxel restore a month ago.If I wanna achieve the best result,regardless of... READ MORE

Fraxel Re:pair Dual vs. TCA Cross for Boxcar Scars

I have boxcar scars similar to those in the attached picture. I have undergone 6 TCA cross treatments. First treatment yielded amazing results, with... READ MORE

Are the Traditional CO2/Erbium Lasers Better Than Fraxel Repair for Scars?

I have quite a lot of scattered ice pick and boxcar scarring. I went to see a dermatologist and he told me fraxel repair would only get rid of 30% of... READ MORE

Fraxel Repair Vs AcuPulse Fractional CO 2 Laser?

I would like to remove/improve my fine lines, around my mouth and eye areas. With all the lasers out there, and information, I am confused which laser... READ MORE

Is Fraxel Repair Superior to Ultrapulse Encore Deep FX.

I'm skeptical what's the difference between these two deep CO2 lasers. The fraxel repair treatment is more expensive then the deep fx... READ MORE

Fraxel Restore Vs Ematrix?

How do the fraxel restore and ematrix compare? Do they both treat pigmentation located in the dermis? How many of each treatment would you need to get... READ MORE

FeatherTouch C02 Laser Resurfacing Vs Fraxel Re:pair

I'm having a hard time deciding what to do. I have planned for some timeon doing the CO2 laser procedure on my face by a very experienced, peer... READ MORE

Fraxel Repair or Lutronics ECO2 for Periorbital and Peri-Oral Areas?

Which of these lasers would give the best results for the periorbital and peri-oral areas? Thank you. READ MORE

Fraxel Repair and the Dermis?

From what I've read fraxel repair is the gold standard for white stretch marks. What is the difference in the repair vs restore when it comes to... READ MORE

Fraxel Repair Vs. Equinox CO2 Fractional Laser?

Recently, I have received two Equinox CO2 Fractional Laser treatments. I have seen significant results but there are a a couple stubborn nasolabial... READ MORE

What is the Difference Between Fraxel Restore Dual and Lumenis IPL? Which One Should Have Best Result for Brown Spot?

What is the Difference Between Fraxel Restore Dual and Lumenis IPL? Which One Should Have Best Result for Brown Spot? READ MORE

Does the Fraxel Repair Give Better Results Than the Equinox Dot?

Does the fraxel repair go deeper than other c02 lasers? Does the fraxel repair go deeper than the equinox dot? I had a total fx laser done and... READ MORE

Should I Try Fraxel Repair or Active FX?

I am a 27 year old male from Indian Back ground.I've been through 4 restore treatments without great results. Should I try Fraxel Repair or Activ... READ MORE

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