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Complications from Bacterial Infection Post-Fraxel Repair

Unfortunately, I got a bacterial skin infection three days after Fraxel Repair. I was on the antibiotic, Keflex, but it was resistant to the type of... READ MORE

Rough, Bumpy Skin Texture After Fraxel Repair

I had lower lid pinch (looks great!) and Fraxel Repair under my eyes 6 weeks ago. I still have very pink skin, but the texture is very bumpy and rough... READ MORE

Bumps and Grid Marks Following Fraxel Repair, How To Treat This?

After my Fraxel Repair treatment 24 days ago, I now have tiny raised bumps all over my face and evidence of the grid pattern on my cheeks. My skin... READ MORE

Red Bumps on Forehead After Fraxel Re:pair

I had Fraxel Re:pair exactly three weeks ago, and my skin was healing beautifully until 2 days ago. I developed really small tiny red bumps all over... READ MORE

Will Fraxel Re:pair Help Remove the Bumps from Syringoma?

I visited my dermatologist today and he has done a biopsy on the bumps and they are syringoma and he wants to try fraxel re:pair but says he promises... READ MORE

Will Fraxel Restore healing get better?

I had my third fraxel restore done above my upper lip and vermillion border 12 weeks ago. The settings were around 48-50 each time. It doesn't look... READ MORE

Acne Breakout after Fraxel Restore-Week Two

I had my chin treated with fraxel restore 2 weeks ago for mild acne scarring. I did not have any acne nor had I had any in over two years prior to the... READ MORE

Bumps around eye area after Fraxel restore?

Hi I had fraxel restore 1550 done 6 days ago. I have bumps around my eyes and temples. My skin has already peeled. The settings used were 70mj/ level... READ MORE

Bumpy Skin Texture on Cheek Bone After Fraxel Repair

I have raised bumps one year after fraxel repair on under one eye on my cheek bone. Has anyone experienced this and what can be done to improve the... READ MORE

I Am 4 Weeks Post Fraxel Repair. How Long Does the Red, Bumpy, and Blotchy Appearance Last?

I went to a highly qualified plastic surgeon. He says I am doing fine. I am fearful about the time frame to returning to a semblance of normalacy with... READ MORE

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