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Fraxel Should Be Done Before or After Fillers?

I want to have fraxel (2 or 3 sessions) to even out my skin tone, minimize wrinkles, pores, small scars, age spots, but I also need injectable fillers... READ MORE

Sun Exposure After Fraxel Laser Treatment

I had one fraxel treatment about 3 weeks ago. I am leaving for vaction in two weeks, and I am concerned about sun exposure. How long should i wait... READ MORE

How Long After Fraxel Restore Can I Get a TCA Chemical Peel?

I just had my first fraxel restore. I was slighly red and swollen for a day or two but that was it. I was expecting to see more. My goal is to... READ MORE

Periorbital Wrinkles (Below Eyes) Treatment Options: Fraxel, Chemical Peels/TCA, Botox, Other?

I'm a male, 31, who suddenly developed folds - perhaps due to increased sleeping on my stomach. I’ve included pics of both eyes, w/ &... READ MORE

Fraxel Restore Scarring: Is this Normal?

My girlfriends first treatment was 6 weeks ago today. From most reports online the recovery process seemed normal. Exactly 3 weeks later she had her... READ MORE

When Getting Fraxel and a Mini Facelift, Which Would You Suggest Doing First?

Hi Docs! You were so great in answering my previous questions. Now I am also considereing getting a "mini" facelift, as well as doing a... READ MORE

How Should I Wait For Fraxel Laser After Using Accutane?

Hello!I am 17 years old and I am from Romania.I've been on accutane for 9 months(severe acne):2 months-30mg/day 1,5 months 20mg/day 1,5 months... READ MORE

Redness/bronzing 3 Weeks Post One Session of Fraxel Restore

I am now three weeks post-Fraxel restore(had one session only). My skin still looks pink and I can see the demarcation line between the lasered and... READ MORE

Can You Get Fraxel Laser During the Summer?

I have been told its better to get fraxel during the winter months, but was wondering if its possible to get it done during the summer. Does it make... READ MORE

Fraxel Vs Profractional XC Laser

What is the difference between the Fraxel and the Profractional XC laser both from a technical perspective, and also, from a healing and recovery... READ MORE

Can Hair Removal Laser and Fraxel Laser be Used Together?

Is their a problem when I use hair removal laser in Monday and the Fraxel laser in Wednesday ? READ MORE

Can I Do Fraxel Co2 Laser For Dark Circles After Face Lift Heals?

I had a facelift and necklift 3 weeks ago. I didnt have my forehead or eyebrows lifted. I did have the eyes upper and lower done. ,can I have the... READ MORE

Fraxel and Facelift Done Within the Same Year?

I have been to a couple of plastic surgeons. One says to get facelift, another says to get Fraxel. Can I have the Fraxel done first and then do the... READ MORE

Fraxel Laser with Mini Facelift After Juvederm?

How soon after Juvederm fillers can I have deep Fraxel Laser with mini facelift? It would seem that the Juvederm would make the swelling worse, since... READ MORE

Is It True That I Won't See Potential Damage From Fraxel Restore For 6 Months?

I have recently had one fraxel restore treatment. So far I am fairly happy with the results. Other reviews indicate that you don't actually know... READ MORE

Will I Be Okay to Use Retin-A Micro One Day Prior to Fraxel Non-Ablative Laser Therapy for Acne Scars?

If I stop using Retin A Micro 0.01% one day prior to my Fraxel Laser treatment which is non ablative, Is that safe to do so.? READ MORE

Are Fraxel and IPL Better to Be Done Together or Seperate?

I have 2 problems. Firstly my skin looks red and the pigmentation is patchy. I also have wrinkles and scars I want to try and improve. Can IPL and... READ MORE

Subcision and Filling Before Fraxel?

Would it be better if i do subsision and then filling before the fraxel restore first session? READ MORE

When Will I Be Able to See Fraxel Restore Results?

Already had a lot of redness and now its pink which makes it more noticeable. Also my skin looks very, very oily and the pink makes it worse and way... READ MORE

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