Sun Protection + Fraxel Laser

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What Exactly Does Avoid the Sun After Fraxel Re:Store Mean?

The Fraxel website says to avoid the sun for 3 months, post treatment. I am getting one Fraxel Re:store treatment next week and am wondering exactly... READ MORE

How Many Days After Fraxel Do I Need to be Strategic about Applying Sunblock?

Hi, May you pls advise on how many days one needs to continue applying the sunblock cream after performing the Fraxel Laser?? Also, when can one start... READ MORE

How Important is It to Stay out of the Sun for 3 Months After Fraxel?

I have scarring on my face due to years of acne. I was on accutae over a year ago and have began fraxel treaments. My first treatment was about 2... READ MORE

Fraxel Laser Safe for SLE Patients?

I have lupus (SLE) but the only symptom I have is that I develop a skin rash in the sun without protection. I've had Fractional Laser done and... READ MORE

Is It Okay to Be in the Sun 3 Weeks After Fraxel?

Going to hawaii but plan on wearing a hat, sunscreen, and staying under an umbrella. READ MORE

Is It True That I Won't See Potential Damage From Fraxel Restore For 6 Months?

I have recently had one fraxel restore treatment. So far I am fairly happy with the results. Other reviews indicate that you don't actually know... READ MORE

Future Hyperpigmentation from the Fraxel Restore

After my 3rd Restore (25,30,35) in early June, I developed PIH (overall bronzing as well) which is resolving the hydroquinone (Clear) and Nia 24. I... READ MORE

Existing dark spots in my skin after two times of Fraxel

I had fraxel all over my face in Junuary 2015 and a revision in my forehead in November 2015 because the dark spots were deep. I live in Greece full... READ MORE

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