Subcision + Fraxel Laser

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Subcision and Fraxel for Boxcar Scars? (photo)

I plan on receiving Fraxel but was interested in receiving subcision before hand in hopes that both combined would give a better result. Would... READ MORE

Subcision After Fraxel Laser

I heard that subcision followed by Fraxel Laser has had great results for acne scar patients (I am not sure if this is in the same session or... READ MORE

Fraxel Light with PRP or PicoSure with Subcision for ice pick acne scars? (Photo)

I wanted to see if Fraxel Light with PRP might be an option to minimize ice pick acne scars. I know CO2 laser is the best option but i don't want to... READ MORE

Having Subcision and Fraxel on Same Day?

Can Subcision be done prior to Fraxel re:store on the same day? READ MORE

Subcision and Filling Before Fraxel?

Would it be better if i do subsision and then filling before the fraxel restore first session? READ MORE

Options after Fraxel Restore (Acne scarring)?

I've have four fraxel restore (last one about a year ago), with some improvements in acne scarring. Would my best option now be to do subscison and... READ MORE

Is fraxel right for my skin? (photos)

These pictures were taken in overhead lighting and camera angle up to give the most detail. I'm considering buying a four session package of fraxel to... READ MORE

Can fraxel restore be done for acne scars on someone who managed to get hyperpigmentation with subcision?

Hello there. I'm Indian. I have a lot of doctors offering fraxel restore, and they are experienced with Indian skin. But I'm discouraged since a... READ MORE

I'm getting subcision and fiiler on face. How long should I wait to get fraxel laser or erbium ablative laser?

I CANNOT get multiple treatments in one place. I know it would be ideal but it's not possible. Please let me know the average wait time to space my... READ MORE

Acne scar treatment?

Would like to find out if I did a subcision followed by a fraxel laser during Sep 2015, if I were to start my laser sessions again, were the initial... READ MORE

For my acne scars, please give me some effective treatment and remmond an acne scars expert for me in Vancouver

I have finished my 3 times fraxel treatment .and I post my before and right.But now my hypertropic acne scars (left face)is not getting improvement... READ MORE

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