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I Have Reddish Purple Spots After Fraxel Treatment. What Can I Do?

This is my 3rd Fraxel treatment. The 2 previous treatments left me w/ a bad sunburn, but now I have the typical sunburn PLUS all these reddish purple... READ MORE

Will Fraxel Help with White Spots?

I am 28 years old and used to use tanning beds and sit in the sun, although I havent in years. I have had tons of white spots on my legs, hands, and a... READ MORE

3 months after Fraxel Laser, I have dots & lines on my face, will this heal or is it permanent?

Hi, i have done fraxel three months ago and i noticed that i have millions of dots and lines on my face. Actually i have the pattern of the laser on... READ MORE

Can Fraxel CAUSE melasma to occur?If I didn't have spots on my cheek before Fraxel but now is there a chance it's PIH?(photo)

Active sun lover,do hot yoga, etc. No hx of melasma in family & had non-sensitive skin b4. Had acne scars & a pigment spot (1 round on R cheek)show up... READ MORE

Is this normal for Fraxel? (Photo)

I got fraxel on a burn scan n have some pink spots is this normal? Wat should i use to make it heal faster READ MORE

How to cure orange peel skin caused by Lasers and PRP?

Hello, I decided to go for some spot correction treatments and was recommended Fraxel by a beauty clinic. After 3 Fraxels I was told that I should go... READ MORE

Could this be another episode of postinflammatory hyperpigmentation? (Photo)

I had Fraxel done on 5/11/15 and experienced postinflammatory hyperpigmentation. I tried bleaching creams, had some improvement but the pigmented... READ MORE

Fraxel: Skin peeling off with discoloration, how do I fix this fast?

Sir I am a Indian girl of fair skin tone. I had a black spot at one corner of lip which was treated by frazel treatment to remove dark spot. I am on... READ MORE

Does the Fraxel laser make sun spots assuming that they're smaller than a penny disappear/go away completely or make...

Them fade away/less noticeable? if the tiny sunburn spot is due to not using mederma cream would the tiny sunburn spot be restored as though mederma... READ MORE

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