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Is Fraxel Safe?

I met with my doctor to discuss Thermage. My doctor said I would need at least 3 treatments of Fraxel also. She gave me a price for the Fraxel and... READ MORE

How Close Can the Fraxel Restore Laser Go Under the Eye?

I want to get Juvederm under my eyes for tear troughs, however, I also want to get Fraxel Restore for skin resurfacing. I have two questions: 1) How... READ MORE

Fraxel Laser for One-time Treatment of Sun Spots, Wrinkles?

I'm 28 years old, light-skinned, and with freckles, smile lines, eye wrinkles, and a few sun spots. I'm after a safe, one-time treatment with good... READ MORE

Is It Ok to Do Fraxel Co2 While I'm Breast Feeding?

Is It Ok to Do Fraxel Co2 While I'm Breast Feeding? READ MORE

Fraxel Safe with Vitiligo?

I have a minor case of vitiligo. Or I have been told I have a minor case of vitiligo. I have small circular white spots across various parts of... READ MORE

Safe to Use Fraxel on African American or Dark Skin?

I am of mixed race and I am interested in getting fraxel treatments but I am worried about hyper or hypo pigmentation and splotchiness. I am pretty... READ MORE

Fraxel Restore - is It Safe After CO2 Laser Treatment?

I had the CO2 ultrapulse laser over a year ago and it caused my texture to be rough with large pores. My docotr said that I did not heal well coupled... READ MORE

Is Fraxel Safe for People with Auto Immune Disorders Who Scar Badly?

I am considering Fraxel repair to correct uneven skin tone, fine lines and to generally tighten the skin. I'm 45 and healthy except that I have an... READ MORE

Fraxel Laser Safe for SLE Patients?

I have lupus (SLE) but the only symptom I have is that I develop a skin rash in the sun without protection. I've had Fractional Laser done and... READ MORE

Fraxel Laser on Eye Area After Juvederm and Laser Eye Surgery?

Is it okay to have Fraxel Laser on the eye area a month after having Juvederm to the tear troughs, and a year after having laser eye surgery (because... READ MORE

Fraxel Laser on Someone with Vitiligo?

I have a mild case of vitiligo, but none on my face. Is it safe to have Fraxel Laser on my face? Will Fraxel increase vitiligo or is it beneficial for... READ MORE

Re:Store Fraxel Treatment is Safe? is It Painful??

I am worry about the safety of the RE:Store fraxel treatment, cause I saw some patient commentes, and some tell that they have big skin troubles after... READ MORE

Fraxel Restore Okay Without Wearing Eye Protection?

I recently had fraxel restore performed and was surprised that the doctor didn't require me to wear eye protection. In fact, I asked him about it... READ MORE

How long after having Fraxel is it safe to have sun exposure?

I will be going to Hawaii 2 months after a fraxel treatment. Yes, I will wear sunscreen. However, sunscreen can wear off during the day or while... READ MORE

Fraxel Laser After Radiation Treatment?

Is is safe to use Fraxel Re:store on a patient who is 4 years post-radiation treatment? READ MORE

How to Make Fraxel Laser Treatment As Safe As Possible?

I'm terrified of something going wrong with Fraxel Laser. I've never scarred badly, from anything, but I have bad BAD hyper and hypo pigmentation from... READ MORE

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