Rolling Scar + Fraxel Laser

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Fraxel Re:store or Fraxel Re:pair for Rolling Acne Scars?

Finally cleared up my acne with treatment of 40mg Accutane per day for 5 months. I have moderate case of rolling, depressed, and slightly discolored... READ MORE

Fraxel Restore Vs EMatrix for Acne Scars?

Hello, I have moderate "crater" and "rolling" type scarring on my temples and cheeks. Which laser would be best to treat my acne... READ MORE

Unpleasantly Rough Skin... Does Fraxel Help Rolling Scars (Wave-like Appearance on Skin's Surface)?

Not sure what type of scars I have, I'd say either boxcar or rolling scars. The thing is, the scars in my cheeks have distinct angular edges that... READ MORE

What can be done for indented acne scars, mostly rolling ones?

Hello, I would like to know what can be done for these types of scars. I've had 4 fraxel dual lasers and they said I should start to see improvement... READ MORE

Fraxel 1550 or profractional laser for acne scars? Rolling scars and box car scars.

I was wondering which laser would treat acne scars better. I have been to two different consults and I'm wondering which on would be better. They both... READ MORE

I have scheduled a Fraxel laser treatment for my acne scars, will it work? (Photo)

I'm worried this will be a waste of time and money? I have acne scars both red and rolling (I think). I have my acne under control now, but I hate... READ MORE

For my acne scars, please give me some effective treatment and remmond an acne scars expert for me in Vancouver

I have finished my 3 times fraxel treatment .and I post my before and right.But now my hypertropic acne scars (left face)is not getting improvement... READ MORE

How long does it take to see full results of Fraxel Laser resurfacing on rolling/crater acne scars?

Hi, I've already done 3 fraxel laser resurfacing with palomar lux 1540 i think its called. Although I like the results right now.. my scars are still... READ MORE

How long after Sciton profractional laser procedure can I have the fraxel dual laser?

I just had Sciton profractional laser done 2 weeks ago and I realize I like the results from fraxel dual laser much better. Is it safe to get fraxel... READ MORE

Is my acne scars boxcar or rolling? Are they deep or shallow scars? Will fraxel laser work for me? (Photos)

If fraxel will work then how much improvement can I expect from that and will that much improvement make my scars almost unnoticeable? MY doctor... READ MORE

Can we increase number of fraxel laser sittings for treating rolling scars to get result close to 90-95% improvement?

If 3-4 sittings of laser provide 50% improvement in rolling scars then can another 3-4 sittings provide 50% improvement for the remaining scars? Can... READ MORE

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