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Fraxel Laser Treatment Dangers

I am considering getting Fraxel laser surgery done to reduce the appearance of acne scars. You mentioned that there are a higher chance of side... READ MORE

Can Fraxel Be Used on Dark or Hispanic Skin Types?

Can this laser be used on a dark skinned person? i'm 23, latino male, with some hyperpigmentation and some depressed scars. i been looking for some... READ MORE

Is It Ok To Have Fraxel Co2 if You Are Trying to Get Pregnant?

Should you have fraxel c02 if you are tying to get pregnant? Is it then safe to continue while you are pregnant? READ MORE

What is the Risk of "Orange Peel Skin" Texture After a Fraxel Laser Treatment?

I am scheduled to have Fraxel laser treatment in the next week. My skin has always been fairly smooth but as I've gotten older, I've noticed... READ MORE

Can Sciton Laser or Fraxel Laser Burn the Skin?

I saw on RealSelf a young woman that had Fraxel Laser done two years ago and has severe sores on her face. She looks terrible. Can Fraxel Laser or... READ MORE

Periorbital Wrinkles (Below Eyes) Treatment Options: Fraxel, Chemical Peels/TCA, Botox, Other?

I'm a male, 31, who suddenly developed folds - perhaps due to increased sleeping on my stomach. I’ve included pics of both eyes, w/ &... READ MORE

Radiation in Cosmetic Lasers Vs Cancer Treatments?

My doctor is suggesting Fraxel Repair for hyperpigmentation after Fraxel Restore, and I'm a bit concerned about the possible long-term side effects of... READ MORE

High Risk of Hyperpigmentation with Fraxel Restore on Indian Skin?

I have a Indian Skin, I have Deep Pitted Acne Scars. I do not have Fraxel Repair available in my city or in my country If I wish to go for the Fraxel... READ MORE

Hydroquinone Absolutely Necessary Before Fraxel?

I never had the fraxel treatment before, and I was consulting my dermatologist if I should get some. He said, that before putting me under the... READ MORE

Is It Ok to Do Fraxel Co2 While I'm Breast Feeding?

Is It Ok to Do Fraxel Co2 While I'm Breast Feeding? READ MORE

Concerned About the "Orange Peel" Texture Some People Report After Fraxel Re:Store, Normal?

In some reviews, people are stating that Fraxel Re:Store ruined their skin by causing a permanent "orange peel/golf ball" texture after the... READ MORE

Is It Risky to Stop Fraxel After One Treatment?

It's been a month since my first Fraxel re:store treatment and I feel like I might be seeing some negative side effects and very scared after... READ MORE

Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation After Fraxel 1927, Is this Permanent?

Hi I had fraxel 1927 for two spots on my cheeks, more like little age spots and freckles. Fraxel made me get hyperpigmenation. I now have two dark... READ MORE

Fraxel Restore - is It Safe After CO2 Laser Treatment?

I had the CO2 ultrapulse laser over a year ago and it caused my texture to be rough with large pores. My docotr said that I did not heal well coupled... READ MORE

What's the probability of having herpes, cold sores, after Fraxel laser? When I have cold & on the hot sun always I have it.

How dangerous/ probable after procedure of laser fraxile considering activation of sore colds on the face? Do I need to take vitrex or L-lysyne before... READ MORE

Fraxel Increasing Risk of Vitiligo?

We have vitiligo in the family, my sister has it and so does my uncle. If I have fraxel treatment for my acne scarring, does that increase my chance... READ MORE

Are Patients with Thin Skin Bad Candidates for Fraxel Restore?

I'm concerned that having thin skin that I would be a bad candidate for Fraxel (increased risk of scarring, penetration of laser too deep). How do... READ MORE

If Im on Blood Thinner Will It Cause Any Adverse Affects with Fraxel Treatment?

If Im on Blood Thinner Will It Cause Any Adverse Affects with Fraxel Treatment? READ MORE

After Two Courses of Accutane, Is Fraxel More Risky Now?

The last time I took Accutane was about 15 years ago, but it has been suggested in user review that having take more than one course of Accutane... READ MORE

Fraxel Lasers and TCA Peels (Facial) for Middle Easterners/Indians?

I'm of Middle Eastern/Indian descent and have light brown skin, and would like to get fraxel treatment or TCA peels to deal with wrinkles under my... READ MORE

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