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Fraxel Laser Treatment Results

Can you tell me more about the benefits you can get from Fraxel laser resurfacing? What sort of skin problems get the best results from Fraxel? READ MORE

Fraxel Laser Surgery Recommendation

I saw a brochure for fraxel laser at my dermatologist.  it seems like it works on lots of skin problems.  is fraxel better for some skin... READ MORE

What is Fraxel Restore?

Can anyone tell me what you can expect from Fraxel Restore?  Results? Recovery?  Am I able to go back to work the next day? WIll it help... READ MORE

How Many Fraxel Laser Treatments Before Results Can Show?

I had a consult with a dermatologist about Fraxel Laser treatments. She said that I would not see any results until after the second treatment. Do you... READ MORE

Does Fraxel Give Good Results for Removing Scar?

I got 1cm scar and acne scar. Does Fraxel give good result for removing scars? I'm 16 and I have yellow skin (Asian). I don't have any acne left but... READ MORE

Will Getting a Second Series of Fraxel Restore Improve Results?

Hi. If you get a 4 treatments at 26 percent coverage, then wait 6 months for full dermal results, and then get a few more Fraxel restore treatment,... READ MORE

How Does Fraxel Laser Treatment Work?

Can you tell me why Fraxel goes deeper in your skin? How does it work? READ MORE

Microneedling/PRP VS Fraxel.

Hello I would like to ask this question to doctors that have both experience from Fraxel and PRP. Which would you choose between Microneedling/Prp vs... READ MORE

Why Do Fraxel Results Take 6 Months to Show Up?

Can someone explain why fraxel results take up to six months to appear? Will my six gradually get better in the months post procedure, or will it stay... READ MORE

What is Likely to Cause Bad Fraxel Laser Results?

Which is more likely to cause damage from Fraxel Repair: the laser itself, the settings, or the practitioner? Does the pressure applied by the... READ MORE

Does Fraxel Work or do Long-Term Damage?

Does fraxel really work or does it do long term damage. I know Co2 works. Someone also said the Mixo is the only one that has the hottest laser for... READ MORE

Is CO2 Laser Followed by Fraxel for Acne Scars the Same As CO2 Fractional Laser?

I have had three treatments of fraxel before (guessing it's restore because of the downtime) with minimul results. I went to a new dermatologist... READ MORE

Fraxel for Asian Skin on Retinoic Acid?

I'm doing Fraxel next week, I've been on a lightening cream plus retinoic acid, which I read here would cause reddening. Will this affect my outcome... READ MORE

Does Fraxel Works for Long Term Collagen Production?

Does Fraxel Laser create long term collegen production? I know the C02 works very well. Does fraxel just take away skin and not damage the tissue so... READ MORE

When to Start Fraxel Restore for Surgical Scar Reduction?

How soon after surgery should I start getting Fraxel restore to reduce the scars? Is there an optimal time that will give me the best results? READ MORE

What Accounts for the Dramatic Difference in Results of Fraxel Restore?

It seems there are a lot of conflicting reviews of the Fraxel procedure. Some range from good results to no results to damaged skin. Can the range of... READ MORE

Better Results from Higher Fraxel Treatment Levels?

I know higher level provides deeper penetration and treatment levels correspond to percentage of epidermis and dermis treated. Thus, would level 10 of... READ MORE

My Cheeks and Above my Lip Have Gradually Swelled 1 Year After Fraxel

This has been gradual over 1 or 2 months, but my face is looking thick and different. Is this a late effect from the Fraxel treatment? READ MORE

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