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What Is The Recovery Time Post Fraxel Restore?

Hi, After performing Fraxel Restore Dual laser (to treat my acne scars) i wonder if i can easily resume my work after three days of the treatment and... READ MORE

Is It True That I Won't See Potential Damage From Fraxel Restore For 6 Months?

I have recently had one fraxel restore treatment. So far I am fairly happy with the results. Other reviews indicate that you don't actually know... READ MORE

Fraxel Repair or Fraxel Restore for Loose Skin?

After reading many posts about Fraxel repair and Fraxel restore, I've grown more confused. The plastic surgeons who Fraxel restore don't do repair.... READ MORE

Which is right for me - Fraxel Repair, Restore, Dual?

Hi, I am Asian and have moderate melasma (hyperpigmentation). Not sure if it is epidermal or dermal, likely mixed. I've worn 30+ sunblock for over 20... READ MORE

Can Fraxel Restore Encourage the Skin to Produce Moisture?

I have dry skin in areas that I want to treat with Fraxel Restore. Can Fraxel Restore encourage the new skin to produce more moisture? Are people with... READ MORE

Options after Fraxel Restore (Acne scarring)?

I've have four fraxel restore (last one about a year ago), with some improvements in acne scarring. Would my best option now be to do subscison and... READ MORE

Can fraxel restore be done for acne scars on someone who managed to get hyperpigmentation with subcision?

Hello there. I'm Indian. I have a lot of doctors offering fraxel restore, and they are experienced with Indian skin. But I'm discouraged since a... READ MORE

Can you keep doing Fraxel Restore treatments forever?

Is Fraxel Restore still effective once you've done it 6-7 times? I am considering a second round of Fraxel Restore after a six month break, but am... READ MORE

Fraxel Restore side effects - How to get rid of them quickly?

I had Fraxel Restore done 15 days ago. I still have some pinkness in the middle of my face, and a lot of bronzing. A little bronzing came off in... READ MORE

18 hours post Fraxel restore 1550. Have you seen anything like this open blister on my nose? Should I be concerned? (photos)

I had Fraxel Restore done yesterday. My Clinic isn't open yet. I'm just concerned given all the negative reviews I've read about Fraxel. Is this sore... READ MORE

What settings should be used with fraxel restore on a pitted neck scar. 70mj? This is the best settings for scars right. ?

Neat 1 inch horizontal Surgical scar but slightly pitted, front of neck, don't want surgical revision Filler - tried no result READ MORE

HELP! Unusual texture following 1 session Fraxel Restore / "Inconvenient| side effect of Fraxel. (photos)

I'm aware there are some common side effects of Fraxel Restore which are easy enough to treat. Given mine what would the best course of actions be?... READ MORE

Mixed signals for Fraxel Restore on African American skin types

Fraxel Restore under the eyes for tightening some doctors say its causes pigmentation and others say that its safe and it doesn't target pigmentation... READ MORE

Why the price differences with Fraxel vs Restore?

I noticed that there can be a large variable in prices charged for Fraxel:Restore from doctor to doctor and in geographic areas around the country.... READ MORE

Restore or Repair Fraxel for stretch marks?

Hi I'm about to start Fraxel treatments for old (20 year) white stretch marks. Because the skin around them is very white (I'm a redhead), my main... READ MORE

Does the Fraxel laser make sun spots assuming that they're smaller than a penny disappear/go away completely or make...

Them fade away/less noticeable? if the tiny sunburn spot is due to not using mederma cream would the tiny sunburn spot be restored as though mederma... READ MORE

After fraxel scars.

I just did a fraxel restore 3 weeks ago and I have a lot of tiny holes all over my face. Is this imprinting normal and will it eventually go away? READ MORE

Should I continue with Fraxel Restore treatments? (photos)

In Feb and April 2014, I had two treatments of Fraxel Restore done on surgical scars on my calves. I still have some pigmentation around the scars and... READ MORE

Any doctors in Michigan to treat laser damage? Dermabrasion, fat graft, chemical peels?

Hi I had fraxel restore laser done 2 months ago my second treatment. I have texture issues, crepy, orange peels skin and have fat loss in my left... READ MORE

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