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Does Fraxel Give Good Results for Removing Scar?

I got 1cm scar and acne scar. Does Fraxel give good result for removing scars? I'm 16 and I have yellow skin (Asian). I don't have any acne left but... READ MORE

Is There Significant Stretch Mark Removal from the Fraxel Laser?

I have had my first fraxel treatment on my stretch marks a week and a half ago. I was just curious if anyone has seen cases where stretch marks were... READ MORE

Why Can't Fraxel Repair Completely Remove Stretch Marks?

If 6 to 8 sessions can reduce them as much as 75 to 90 percent shouldn't 10 or 12 or even 20 session completely remove them? READ MORE

Fraxel to Tightening and Reduce Scars for African American?

Does Fraxel do both skin tightening and scar removal for  African American skin (caramel color)? READ MORE

Hypopigmentation After Fraxel Laser

I began Fraxel about a year ago. I think I had 7 treatments all up for chicken pox scars. The first treatment went fine, however the 2nd was very... READ MORE

Fraxel or V Beam Laser for Scar Tissue from Rhinoplasty?

Hi, I have had a couple of revision surgeries for a rhinoplasty. I am concerned that part of the assymetry present is due to scar tissue. I know... READ MORE

Ive Had Juvederm Removed from Under Eyes, and Im Now Left with Dents and Bags- Will Fraxel Help?

Ive had juvederm filler removed from under both eyes as it had given me fluid bags . had it injected twice and the bags are still would having fraxel... READ MORE

Will Fraxel help to remove/revise a scar on the nose after Rhinoplasty?

Looks like atrophic scar. Will Fraxel help? The problem is that the skin was already severely damaged by a charlatan (during rhinoplasty), and not... READ MORE

Why can't Fraxel Repair completely remove scars/stretch marks?

As i understand it 6 sessions with the laser may give you around 50%+ improval. so why can't 12 sessions remove the scars completely? or if... READ MORE

I got my mole removed by a plastic surgeon. He removed it by stitching methods. Any suggestions? (photos)

Its been 8 months. .scar is not removing. .it was my bad I trust my dr so much he removed 5 moles together which were in the skin and brown in... READ MORE

I had fraxel done on a scar caused by removal of a gauze after my breast augmentation. (photos)

I am worried because the area surrounding the scar is red and want to get opinions on whether it will go away. The tech who did the fraxel never... READ MORE

Fraxel laser and IPL laser: which one is more advanced to remove sun damaged skin?

An thus produce new collagen? or are they equally as good? how can i know which laser will truly do the best job in removing sun damaged skin? which... READ MORE

What does the fraxel laser do to current acne ?

Okay so I plan on getting cradle laser for acne scars that I have. I've been this treatment before but the only difference is now I have current acne.... READ MORE

Removing redness caused by Fraxel laser quickly?

What is the specific treatment to remove severe redness caused by the fraxel laser ? READ MORE

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