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Brown Spots and Rough Skin After Fraxel Restore

It has been 2 days since my first Fraxel Restore treatment. My face feels like sandpaper and has a pattern of tiny brown spots on it. Is this normal,... READ MORE

How to Speed Up Fraxel Laser Recovery?

I underwent the Fraxel Laser procedure two days ago (05.18.2009). I was sent home with a tube of Aquaphor, and I have a follow up appointment in two... READ MORE

Still Have Redness, 4 Weeks Post-Fraxel

I have done my 1st Fraxel laser treatment for acne scars. It’s been 4 week and still have redness on cheeks, they look like they had sun burn. I... READ MORE

Longest Recovery Time for Fraxel Laser?

I had C02 Fraxel laser resurfacing on December 15, 2008 and my face still looks so red as if I have a terrible sun damage or burn. How long is the... READ MORE

Fraxel Laser Vs CO2 Laser on Cost and Recovery?

Do they both do the same job? Do they have similar recovery and cost? READ MORE

Using Obagi Nu-Derm While Having Fraxel Laser?

I am currently using the Obagi Nu-Derm system including Tretinion .05%. I will be receiving a Fraxel Re-store treatment. Do I need to alter or stop... READ MORE

What is Fraxel Recovery Like?

What is the recovery REALLY like... READ MORE

Have Heard Different Answers About Fraxel Recovery Time During Consultations, Which is Correct?

I have received two very different timelines from doctors i consulted with about how long the healing time would be from a fraxel repair treatment.... READ MORE

Oozing After Fraxel Laser

Is it normal to have oozing right after Fraxel treatment on small area of face? READ MORE

Does Smartskin Fractional CO2 laser work well for acne scars and how long is recovery?

I had a fraxel restore treatment and was not happy with the results at all even though I know it takes multiple treatments. I was recently informed by... READ MORE

Is It Okay to Do Fraxel Tx. 4mths. After an Erbium Laser?

I had an erbium laser done 4mths. ago and I can honestly say it didn't do too much for my acne scars. It was suggested to me to do profractional tx.... READ MORE

What Does if Feel Like After a Fraxel Laser Treatment for Stretch Marks?

Would a fraxel treatment feel like the skin is dried out, tight and a bit sore like a sunburn? READ MORE

Is bleeding after a Fraxel procedure normal?

I had my first procedure yesterday so this is day one of recovery. I had some pinpoint bleeding. Not sure if I dab it? Or let it dry? Will it go away... READ MORE

Will Fraxel Restore Results and Recovery Be the Same As Repair?

I'm debating whether to get Fraxel Laser or Fraxel Repair. Repair seems far more scarier to me with the recovery, so I'm wondering if Restore will do... READ MORE

Will 10 days be enough time to recover and go back to work after Fraxel Laser for upper lip lines and wrinkles?

I would like to have fraxel done on my upper lip area only. The rest of my skin is probably OK. Would ten days be sufficient to be able to cover any... READ MORE

6-day Prednisone course of 81 mg during laser Fraxel treatment series, is it a problem?

Third Fraxel done 9 days ago. leg condition could benefit from a short Prednisone course or NSAID. The schedule is 6 days: 24, 20, ..., 4 mg for a... READ MORE

Fraxel laser - how painful?

I have recently become interested in having a fraxel treatment or chemical peel. I do not have deep wrinkles yet and thankfully very few fine lines.... READ MORE

Recovering from Damage Caused by Fraxel Restore?

I had Fraxel restore on part of my face (the part just to the side of my nose) to generate collagen around a scar from a previous laser procedure to... READ MORE

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