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Fraxel Laser for Raised White Scars?

I have a small (a little over 1 inch wide, and a half centimeter in width) light-colored slightly raised scar on the inside of my forearm from a... READ MORE

Can Fraxel Laser Treatments Be Used to Treat Hypertrophic Scars?

DOES FRAXEL restore (OR ANY OTHER TREAMENTS/LASER) work on raised (hypertrophic scar)? Please help, i'm really depressing. i have 20 cortisone... READ MORE

Fraxel Laser or Mixto Laser for Raised Acne Scars?

I've read about deep and sunken acne scars, but what about raised acne scars? Can I try Fraxel Laser or Mixto Laser for raised scars too? Can these... READ MORE

Long, Raised Scar Caused By Fraxel

Hello I just had my 6th fraxel restore. The first 5 were for moderate-severe acne scarring and it didn't provide much improvement. The 6th restore... READ MORE

From a Hair Transplant scar, Is Fraxel Repair (Ablative) or Restore (Non-ablative) Better for Flattening a Thin Raised Scar?

I have a thin scar on the back of my head from a hair transplant that is 5 inches long, and about 2 to 3 mm high. I would like to flatten this scar in... READ MORE

I had Fraxel laser done 4 days ago. I have very distinguished pin point marks in a grid pattern that is slightly raised (Photo)

I had fraxel laser done 4 days ago and I have very distinguished pin point marks in a grid pattern that is slightly raised. I am concerned this will... READ MORE

Raised pore walls?

Why do my pore walls look raised and puffy after one session of fraxel? My skin is also raised around the little microcars I had prior to treatment.... READ MORE

My raised scars are mostly flat. Would Fraxel laser help smooth them out even more?

I have been receiving treatment for my raised scars on my face (a couple sessions of vbeam and a couple kenalog injections). My raised scars are... READ MORE

Will fraxel dual work for my scars at all? (photos)

I'm 17 and had really bad acne but I'm cleared up now. I'm left with severe scars. the scars on my chin are slightly raised and it looks bumpy. The... READ MORE

Hello Doctors. My Scar is More Raised After Fraxel Dual?

3 weeks ago I did my first Fraxel dual session to smooth out a scar I had due to a tattoo removal. It was like an imprinting with hypopigmentation of... READ MORE

Will this scar. Fraxel on indented scar on 4/21/16 (photos)

Fraxel on 4/21 for indented scar It turned brown. Applied 6% hydroquinone lotion. It's now red/pink, raised and shiny I was told to apply silicone... READ MORE

I had a horrible experience with injectables which left raised lines. Will Fraxel laser help flatten these lines? (photo)

It has been almost two years since my filler disaster. Who would you recommend in south florida for treatment? READ MORE

Fraxel for tattoo removal hypopigmented and raised scar?

Hi. I have a raised and hypopigmented scar on my arm and did two sessions of Fraxel dual to smooth the scar and blend the colour. The second session... READ MORE

Is it normal to have a red raised bump post Fraxel treatment? (Photo)

I have formed a raised red bump post fraxel treatment, I am now 8 days post treatment and it had not seemed to have changed since it first appeared 2... READ MORE

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