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Fraxel Re:pair Vs. Fraxel Re:store for Reducing Large Pores?

Hello, I am a 26 year-old woman with very fair skin (Irish). I have enlarged pores all over my cheeks, nose, and forehead (I struggled with acne/oily... READ MORE

Fraxel Should Be Done Before or After Fillers?

I want to have fraxel (2 or 3 sessions) to even out my skin tone, minimize wrinkles, pores, small scars, age spots, but I also need injectable fillers... READ MORE

Fraxel vs Clear + Brilliant Over 50? (photos)

I have typical over 50 skin: some laxity, few sun spots, large pores, a few marks from blemishes but not acne scars. One derm recommended Clear +... READ MORE

Is Fraxel Laser Too Aggressive for Open Pores?

Hello, I have large open pores and truly want to achieve a flawless complexion with wearing absolutely no make-up.My dermatologist recommended 3... READ MORE

Enlarged Pores and Texture Change from Fraxel Restore - Permanent/Damage?

Almost 3 months after 4 Fraxel Restores (40-70, Level 6), my pores are enlarged and my texture has an odd pattern like a quilt/cobblestone. I went to... READ MORE

Would the Restore 4 Treatment Laser Be Enough to Tighten my Skin and Pores or Should I Get the Re:pair?

I am 49 I lost over 100 lbs and my face is not sagging enough for a mini facelift but is wrinkled and have large pores. Would the restore 4 treatment... READ MORE

Will My Pores Return to Normal After Fraxel Restore?

My last Fraxel Restore was in early July. I had a series of 4 Fraxel Restores (40-70 mj). The first three showed great results. The fourth, I have... READ MORE

What's going on with my skin?

I had fraxel 1927 done 9 days ago and since then my face has darkened and is very rough. My pores appear larger and my skin tone is very uneven. Will... READ MORE

Why is my skin oily and bumpy 3-4 months post Fraxel? (photos)

I had my first Fraxel 3 months ago. I had no coffee grounds after the initial treatment like I did with IPL (they said to expect it though) and saw no... READ MORE

Help with Enlarged pores/orange peel texture after Fraxel. Is there anything which could help heal the effects? (Photo)

I really need some help with the Pores on my nose! Can you give me any advice on how best to treat them? I have quite oily skin on my nose and I had 2... READ MORE

Redness, under skin pimples, pigmentation, pores after fraxel?

After my five fraxel my skin become very red even after 2 months,i've stopped using differin gel0.1 for 2 months because of the redness and now the... READ MORE

What happened to my skin? (photos)

I need to understand what happened to my skin after fraxel so I know how to fix it. I'm not sure if these are scarred pores or what. I have attached a... READ MORE

Raised pore walls?

Why do my pore walls look raised and puffy after one session of fraxel? My skin is also raised around the little microcars I had prior to treatment.... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Have Brown Crusted 4hrs After Fraxel Laser?

I just did my first laser treatment with fraxel eribum for acne scars on my cheeks and my skin was only red for 2hrs then it looked brown all the... READ MORE

Why do people report enlarged pores after Fraxel Treatment?

After a consultation, I am considering getting a Fraxel re:store and V-beam treatment for acne scarring. The reviews I've read of enlarged... READ MORE

Need help for facial pores (Photo)

I have lots of pores on my cheeks and nose , my dermatologist suggest me to select one from two different treatments . 1. fraxel laser , but she said... READ MORE

Fraxel/fractional laser damaged my skin! More large open pores of grid line pattern. Help me (Photo)

I had my fraxel last 3 months, BUT it left me SCARRED PORES CAUSED BY THE FRAXEL LASER! somewhat they called as "orange peel effect" caused by... READ MORE

Are there ways to fix fraxel damage?

I had two amazing Fraxels. The third has gone wrong. I have hyperpigmentation, broken capillaries, horrid open pores and this super dehydrated skin I... READ MORE

Why does Fraxel cause open pore texture and what can be done to rectify it? Why do doctors continue to deny it?

I had a fraxel 7 weeks ago. My skin is ruined. I have huge pores. Everyone can see the problems. Why was I told it's a simple and risk free... READ MORE

6 weeks post fraxel, I have huge open pores I did NOT have before.The skin on my forehead/cheeks is loose.Any suggestion?(photo)

I have stopped using all active ingredients (retinol and vitamin c)at the request of the physician. I am still using Heliocare. After 5 days the pores... READ MORE

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