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I have hypopigmentation after Fraxel Restore. Can Latisse be applied to my scars to darken their pigmentation? (photos)

Had 2 treatments of Fraxel restore done on surgical scars on my legs. Now the scars are lighter than the surrounding skin. Can Latisse be applied to... READ MORE

Will this dark-grey skin around my mouth and forehead ever disappear? I had Fraxel more than 2 months ago. (Photo)

I am Hispanic, 45, dark skin, and had Fraxel. I wanted to treat Melasma spots on my cheeks but was left with a dark-grey skin shadow around my mouth... READ MORE

I peeled a bit of my scar which caused my skin to create pus. It turned into dried up yellow stuff. What should I do? (Photo)

I dont know what to do. I put a bit of polysporin on it. And i sometimes put cold water on my face to wash up the yellow dried stuff on my scar bit... READ MORE

Dark underarms: could Fraxel Laser treatment work for me? I have brown skin and I'm worred about hyperpigmentation. (photo)

I have dark underarms ( I have brown skin) I used a streroid product off of amazon it caused bad stretch marks 2 years ago. I went for a consultation... READ MORE

Fraxel, Revilite or Peels for Melasma on my forehead? Caused by the pill. Dull, losing elasticity Skin starting to sag (Photo)

I'm 30, been using the pill forever & in sales so in the sun alot. I have changed my pill to implant. My skin regime Lyctera, Vit A & Vit B. serums... READ MORE

Fraxel Laser for dark eye circles. How much does it cost and what is the down time? (Photo)

I've had dark eye circles my whole life. With age they have been getting darker. I read about Fraxel Laser for removal of dark circles. I am... READ MORE

Will Fraxel Laser help my stretch marks? (photo)

I have stretch marks on my belly leftover from a tummy tuck which i hate! Will fraxel help minimize their appearance enough to make the cost worth it?... READ MORE

What can I do to correct premature aging caused by a fraxel laser treatment? This includes fine lines and pigmentation. (Photo)

A year ago I had a fraxel light laser resurfacing treatment that burnt many small holes into my face. These have never healed and have continued to... READ MORE

What procedure would help treat the upper lip scar from a dog bite? Doctor has recommended Fraxel Laser. (photos)

I was bitten by a dog on the upper lip approx 8 months ago. It left me with a surface irregularity that is causing me a lot of distress. My Dr.... READ MORE

Fraxel Under Eyes to tighten skin - Looks worse, dark pigmentation, loose skin, texture change. (photos)

How can I tighten skin and fix pigmentation issue/texture. Here's before and after. No makeup under eyes you can see dark patch like I have a black... READ MORE

I have under eye swelling after Juvederm injections 18 months ago. Will Fraxel Laser be effective on eye bags? (photo)

Under eye swelling after juvederm injections greater than 18 months ago. Ive been told by a plastic surgeon its been too long to inject hyaluronidase.... READ MORE

Adverse reaction to fraxel laser treatment? (Photo)

Hello, I had fraxel laser treatment done four days ago. The doctor did the first treatment a week before but my skin never peeled and there was no... READ MORE

Is Fraxel RE:store Dual (1550) or Fraxel RE:pair a better treatment option for my mole removal scars? (photos)

I am about to start a series of Fraxel RE:store treatments for scars left from mole removal but am curious if I'd be a candidate for Fraxel RE:pair... READ MORE

Fraxel restore scar/pigmentation. Can it be fixed? (Photo)

Hi everyone, I had fraxel restore 3 weeks ago & was really silly after 2nd treatment... I rubbed my skin off in the shower after 3-4 days. It was... READ MORE

Will I benefit from Fraxel Laser treatment for my Breast Augmentation scars? (photo)

I had breast augmentation surgery 4 months ago and I'm unhappy with the scars. They are longer than I expected, dark and slightly stretched. I am... READ MORE

Is Fraxel dual 1550 my best option to flatten the texture/color of my scar so it's nearly invisible to the naked eye? (Photo)

19 days ago I suffered a deep laceration on top of the bridge of my nose and received 5 stitches. Yesterday, I went to an advanced dermatology spa... READ MORE

Should I get the Co2 laser or Fraxel? (photos)

I've already had the Co2 done on a surgical scar on my face 2 months ago which had stitches before back when i was only 4yrs old. I'm 24 now and... READ MORE

Had 4 treatments of Clear and Bright Fraxel Laser. What can correct pin holes left by this? (photo)

Had 4 treatments of clear and bright. Always had great skin, always complimented by friends, strangers, makeup artists... Etc. I had some... READ MORE

What is Better for Acne Scars Fraxel 1550 Mm OR Floracel Micro Needle + RF Non-ablative? (photos)

What is Better for Acne Scars Fraxel 1550 Mm OR Floracel Micro Needle + RF Non-ablative? READ MORE

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