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Enlarged Pores and Texture Change from Fraxel Restore - Permanent/Damage?

Almost 3 months after 4 Fraxel Restores (40-70, Level 6), my pores are enlarged and my texture has an odd pattern like a quilt/cobblestone. I went to... READ MORE

Best Way to Permanently Remove Wrinkles?

Best way to perm get rid of winkles that go up and down between breasts. Fraxel, O2,peels READ MORE

Is subcision for rolling acne scars permanent? Results improved with a filler? How long after initial treatment to see results?

I have moderate rolling acne scars on my cheeks. I have done 4 fraxel lasers, 1 mlp, 1 laser genesis, with a 30% improvement. (Fraxel didn't really... READ MORE

Fraxel Restore for Acne Scars - Is the Result Permanent?

As time goes by,collagen loses ,will the sacrs appear again?How long will the result last? READ MORE

Is Orange Peel skin after laser permanent? My face is an orange Peel texture now. What happened?

Three months after Fraxel dual I am left with bad texture and Orange Peel skin is this permanent? I can't even put make up due to the skin that... READ MORE

Is Sun Damage After Fraxel Laser Permanent?

My face darkened from non-sunscreen use for 3 months after Fraxel treatment. Is this permanent, and would lightening creams help? READ MORE

Can Fraxel Cause Extreme, Permanent Scarring Years After Treatment?

I've read many posts from Fraxel patients who claim that they started seeing horrible, deep (sometimes open wound) permanent scars a year or so after... READ MORE

Are Fraxel Repair Results Permanent?

I have read several answers here, but there seems to be a lack of consensus and even contradictions at times. Essentially, all I wanted to know is if... READ MORE

Could Chipmunk Cheeks Be Caused by Fraxel Restore?

I had one Fraxel Restore treatment with botox in crow's feet 5 weeks ago.I have the chipmunk look. The "apple" of my cheeks is much lower on my face... READ MORE

3 months after Fraxel Laser, I have dots & lines on my face, will this heal or is it permanent?

Hi, i have done fraxel three months ago and i noticed that i have millions of dots and lines on my face. Actually i have the pattern of the laser on... READ MORE

I had Fraxel laser done 4 days ago. I have very distinguished pin point marks in a grid pattern that is slightly raised (Photo)

I had fraxel laser done 4 days ago and I have very distinguished pin point marks in a grid pattern that is slightly raised. I am concerned this will... READ MORE

Hi, I would like to know if this looks like delayed onset permanent hypopigmentation? (photos)

Hi I had a Fraxel Dual 1927 treatment done on my face in September of 2013. Approximately 6-8 months later I noticed white spots on my face that... READ MORE

Circles From Fraxel Laser - Will They Go Away?

Circles from laser) -does this go away? I am taking vacation in May , so can I be exposied to sun(i mean protected with SPF)? READ MORE

Scaly Skin After Fraxel

I have just had my third Fraxel treatment (5 days ago) and am concerned about the skin under my eyes and on my forehead. My doctor used two different... READ MORE

After 3 weeks of Fraxel, I still have very dark red cheeks. You can see two different skin color. Is it normal?

I'm really worried, after 3 weeks of treatment, my both side chicks are very red. Sometimes it looks very dark and sometimes it looks red. I'm really... READ MORE

I noticed a pattern like texture after my Fraxel treatment. How long will this last? I hope not forever.

So its been nine days post fraxel and i am still noticing a pattern like texture from the laser especially on the skin on the sides of my eyes. How... READ MORE

Round shape face after laser. Is this swelling in my cheeks and nose permanent?

Had my Fraxel dual two months ago, my face is like round shape and i have extreme swellingness especially in my cheeks area and nose is this permanent? READ MORE

Can I have Fraxel done after permanent filler? (Photo)

Hello! I had some fillers done on my Nasolabial fold and Lips about 5 years ago. The product the dr used is called Kopolimer or poliacrilamide gel... READ MORE

Noticed Tiny Pinpoint Size Holes On My Face After Fraxel?

It has been 1 month since my second fraxel treatment and I have noticed the development of pin-point needle holes on my cheeks were the laser has hit.... READ MORE

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