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Fraxel Restore Vs Botox for Large Nose Pores

I am a 34 year old Asian female. The pores around my nose are very large, much line the skin of an orange..yuck! I clean my pores, but they just... READ MORE

What's the Difference Between Profractional Laser and Fraxel?

Hello my name is Wayne. I just had Dermabrasion done 5 months ago and the down time was really really bad it took 3 and a half mo. to get some of the... READ MORE

Fractional Co2 Vs. Fraxel Restore - Which is Better?

Is fractional Co2 better than Fraxel re:store in treating acne scars & large pores? READ MORE

Difference Between Fraxel Repair and Fraxel Laser?

I've heard people mention both Fraxel Repair and Fraxel Laser, but what's the difference between the two? READ MORE

How to Correct Fraxel Texture Damage?

After two full face Fraxel Restores @ (45MJ/8Passes) I have developed a rough orange peel texture to my pre-procedure baby smooth skin. It appears... READ MORE

Periorbital Wrinkles (Below Eyes) Treatment Options: Fraxel, Chemical Peels/TCA, Botox, Other?

I'm a male, 31, who suddenly developed folds - perhaps due to increased sleeping on my stomach. I’ve included pics of both eyes, w/ &... READ MORE

How to Treat Melasma After Fraxel Dual Laser 1927?

I had fraxel dual laser 1927 to treat sun spots and it gave me melasma. I thought it was hypo-pigmentation but have told that it is melasma. Doctor... READ MORE

Is Fraxel Restore a Right Choice for Me?

I am 32 years old asian female, and i am ready for a new me! :) i hear that i have great skin, but on the cheeks, i have hyperpigmentation/ sun spot i... READ MORE

Is Fraxel Re:store or Re:pair the Best Treatment for my Under Eye Wrinkles?

I'm only 22 years old but I already have under eye wrinkles. What's the best treatment for these areas? READ MORE

Treatment of Minocycline Induced Hyperpigmentation with Fraxel? (photo)

I've undergone several Fraxel Dual treatments to treat minocycline hyperpigmentation but have seen little improvement. It's very depressing.... READ MORE

Fraxel for White Spots on Arms and Shoulders?

 What kind of procedure would improve white spots where there appears to be no more pigment left? Are these white spots considered age spots? READ MORE

Fraxel Laser (Which Type)? Thermage Or a 'Feather-lift'?

I'm 37 years old - in great shape, and overall, I have very good skin, both texture and tone, and no wrinkles, however, I'm noticing some... READ MORE

How Can I Correct Redness Around the Eyes 10 Weeks After Fraxel Laser?

At first I have to apologize for my bad english(i'm from italy). 10 weeks ago I had fraxel laser(palomar starlux 1540)around the eyes to treat my... READ MORE

What is Fraxel SR750 or SR1500?

I just want to know, which between "Re:Store" or "Re:fine" does Fraxel SR750 belong to? I've done some research on the latest... READ MORE

Should I Have Fraxel Re:pair or Active FX?

Many Practitioners consider these two the gold standard of the Fractional Co2's out there. I have some one off active scarring around my inner cheek.... READ MORE

What Can Be Done for Deep Major Under Eye Wrinkles?

I'm 24 and I have very deep under eye wrinkes. I was using tretnoin but it has made my wrinkles worse. now I have also formed a bit of laugh lines... READ MORE

Are Fraxel Laser Results the Same As Sciton's?

My question is, will multiple treatments of the Fraxel eventually give me the same results as the Sciton? And what do you recommend for the neck &... READ MORE

Fraxel Restore Gone Wrong- Indented/Oozing/Broken Skin. What To Do? (photo)

I just had fraxel restore done (7 hours ago). The pics shows fraxel restore done to an area with no scars (mistake technique made) and there's 2... READ MORE

Fraxel Restore - How Are the First and Second Generation Lasers Different?

I'm on my third session of second generation Fraxel. My nurse says it is much better than first generation. I'm confused about that. Please... READ MORE

Which Laser Will Work Best For My Symptoms?

Which one is the best machine on the market that alone can perform all of these treatments “very well” with maximum 3-4 days downtime?: -... READ MORE

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