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Bleeding Normal After Fraxel CO2 Laser Treatment? (photo)

I just had Fraxel CO2 done this morning. My face started bleeding 5 to 6 hours after it's done. Is it normal? I'm really worry. I'm... READ MORE

Fraxel Restore Scarring: Is this Normal?

My girlfriends first treatment was 6 weeks ago today. From most reports online the recovery process seemed normal. Exactly 3 weeks later she had her... READ MORE

Redness/bronzing 3 Weeks Post One Session of Fraxel Restore

I am now three weeks post-Fraxel restore(had one session only). My skin still looks pink and I can see the demarcation line between the lasered and... READ MORE

Increased Pigmentation with Inflammation After Fraxel for Melasma

I have had about 6 Fraxel treatments for melasma. The last treatments left me with higher pigmentation with inflammation (like a mask around my eyes).... READ MORE

Will My Pores Return to Normal After Fraxel Restore?

My last Fraxel Restore was in early July. I had a series of 4 Fraxel Restores (40-70 mj). The first three showed great results. The fourth, I have... READ MORE

Still Very Red 8 Weeks Post Fraxel Restore. Is This Normal? What Do You Recommend?

I am 8 weeks post fraxel laser restore on chest and still very red.I saw my board certified dermatologist that did my laser treatment today. He... READ MORE

Hypopigmentation and Acne After Fraxel Laser

I had Fraxel Laser done 3 months ago and notice white patches of skin and severe acne on my chin. The white patches appear to be "new" skin that is... READ MORE

How Do People Get Multiple Sessions with Fraxel Dual?

How can people possibly do multiple sessions of Fraxel Dual? I did 1 session and the whole 7-10day process was more than I can possibly imagine to... READ MORE

Needle Used with Fraxel to Break Up Acne Scar Tissue?

I recently had my third fraxel treatment, the doctor used a needle to break up the acne scar tissue on the deep scars after the treatment. Is this... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Get a Bruise Under the Eye 3 Weeks After Fraxel Eye Procedure?

Is It Normal to Get a Bruise Under the Eye 3 Weeks After Fraxel Eye Procedure? READ MORE

Very Shiny Skin After Fraxel Restore - Is This Normal?

Is it normal that i have a very shinny area after fraxel restore laser? does this mean i should stop with my treatments and i reached maximum results?... READ MORE

Fraxel Not Normally Done by Doctor?

I've looked into Fraxel in the LA area, I've been told repeatedly that it's done by a physician's assistant NOT a Dr.  I was wondering if this is... READ MORE

Dark Spots 2 Days After Fraxel Scar Treatment Normal?

Hi, I recently had fraxel scar treatment 2 days back and my skin is very dry and it has VERY UGLY DARK APOTS all over my cheeks and my both cheeks... READ MORE

Burn marks post fraxel? (Photo)

I had fraxel yesterday morning and was left with this burn mark. I had asked the doc to be careful on the settings and still this happens! Is it... READ MORE

How Long Will Fraxel Results Last?

I realize it may depend upon the laser, skin type, age, sun exposure. Is this something I need to do annually? I purchased a package of 3 sessions... READ MORE

I Am Not Peeling 3 Days After Fraxel Dual, Is This Normal?

It's been 3 days since fraxel dual and I am showing no signs of peeling. Is this normal? I live in Singapore (extremely hot and humid since on the... READ MORE

1 Months After Fraxel, Face has Been Very Red with Bumps, Normal?

I had my Fraxel laser 4 weeks ago for acnee scars. I went through all normally steps. But since 3 days ago, my face is very red again, has bumps with... READ MORE

Fraxel Pain Levels. What level in average becomes difficult for patients to manage?

What mj level Fraxel makes pain extensive? On my second Fraxel treatment the pain was almost unbearable even with numbing cream and cold air pressure.... READ MORE

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